Acquire your ideal body shape
without changing your lifestyle
BY Muscle Trainer

Exercising everywhere!!

For middle-aged and seniors who want to exercise but could't keep going,and who want to exercise efficiently.
 An introduction to "Muscle Trainer",the a -bit heavier sport shoes that make exercise possible any time at anywhere!

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What is "Muscle Trainer"

 It's a pair of slightly heavy shoes weight 1.4kg on one side.
   The sole of the shoes is our patented development with preservation of all basic functions of shoes.
 ・Perfect for those whou started to worry about weight increase
 ・as well as for those who started to beware of health
 ・And those who want to keep fit, etc.

It's a pair of shoes who help you to
exercise easily without changing your lifestyle.

The secrets of its heavy weight!

Rubber shoes bottom are embedded with iron balls(patented),
and thus it's still flexible,cushion-absorbing,and supportive.

Exercise is naturally done merely by putting on this pair of heavy shows, balanced movements with exercising effect can then be done in different places.

It increases metabolic rate by its focused training on red muscle that convert fats to energy so a slim-up can be easily achieved.

Metabolic rate is increase through the training on red muscle. Efficient exercise can then be done for powerful fat burn.

Global sales over 1 million pairs!

A trusty, hot item in 15 continuous years!

A huge amount of healthy effects simply by putting on the shoes!

・Users aiming at “shape up”
    →Direct, efficient fat burn even
       when compared with exercising         
                 Constituting an easy but sustainable       
environment for fat burn

・Users aiming at “train up”
→Strengthening inner muscle
   Training up the muscles rarely used in daily    life and building up the lower body.

・Users aim at a healthy life
→Preventing health decline in future
   Improving fundamental power and immune        ability


Proved performance and analysis from research institutes

Osaka Gakugei University

Dr. Yoshinori MIYAZAKI, doctor if Medicine

Just by adding on weight around feet, back and lower body muscle can be trained up effectively within a short time.

It’s great for enhancing fat burn and solving problems of obesity, as well as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences

Dr. Mitsuhiko MASUHARA, doctor if Medicine
Emeritus professor

By walking with “Muscle Trainer”, consumption of body fat is enhanced (25% increase) and its optimal stimulation to muscle and the respiratory system is also proved.


MEN'S   1.4KG     WOMEN'S  1.2kg
Size     MEN'S   24.5cm~28.0cm/3E
       WOMEN'S 22.5cm~25.0cm/3E

Upper part material :                                              action leather, synthesized cowhide

Sole material:synthesized wit iron balls

Made in China

Size    MEN'S   24.5cm~28.0cm/3E

Upper part material: cowhide

Inner material: antibacterial, deodorizing material

Sole material: synthesized wit iron balls

Made in China

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