MoHeat Project

Clean, Safe, Comfortable and 100% Local Energy

Myanmar has a great natural resource — Bio Energy from Cattle/Cows.

We suggest you the new choice for cooking stove with the Bio Energy. It's clean, safe, comfortable and 100% local.

Blackout? Rising of electricity bills? Dangerous gas-cooking stove? Now is the time to say good-bye to such troubles.


✔ Rural Area : Earn cash by selling Bio Energy and root out inhouse air pollution

✔ Urban Area : Free from blackout and rising of electric bills with our clean and safe cooking stove

✔ Government : Can save electricity & gas for cooking heat and use them for other ways


No Electricity

No need electricity.
You never think about blackout and rising of electricity bills.

High Heat

You can easily adjust strength of fire.
High heat will make your cooking faster and help spreading your repertoire.

Safe & Clean

Visible(because it's liquid), no soot & no harmful gas
= Safer and easier to clean than LPG


Inicial cost :
  $50 for cooking stove
Monthly cost :
  $25 including delivery fee



We tried to cook "Wet Tha Hin" with the prototype of our product.
Now it can use for only simple performance, but we'll improve it little by little.

And More...

We are plannning to bulid the "Users Community" on the Internet.

In the community, you can easily find and share a lot of cooking recipes for free.
If you want to cook some healthy meal, Chinese cuisine or original unique dish,
you can find everything on it.

Enjoy your cooking life!