Memorize something slowly and spontaneously. 
This page is to introduce App for iOS
to provide unique method
to memorize words and the relations.
2020/12/21 Reviewed at Appliv!
Correlated words are dancing, twisting, and swimming throughout the screen. With this unique method, the relations of words will penetrate into your memory slowly and spontaneously.

Various data and versatile modes are organized to meet proper demand.

1) PLAY - A word appears and its related words move around. Later, the related-related words are also moving. The relations of words are instinctively visualized.

2) TEST - The related words and non-related ones are swimming around. You will try to find correct ones and tap them. The results of TEST will be accumulated.

3) TRAINING - Watching successive PLAYs of words in several repetitions, then practice TEST to check how far the words stay in memory. It is an efficient way to learn.

4) LIST - Pick word individually and execute PLAY or TEST on your preference.

5) NEW - Custom-made data is available to generate. Good to exam preparation or trivia study.

6 types of ready-made categories cover English-French adjective, English-Chinese adjective, English-Japanese adjective, world countries & regions, chemical elements, and math natural numbers.

Rather than memorizing word one by one, this method offers multilateral learning through correlations of words in category.

In-App-Purchase will release various functionalities for more comfortable usage.

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2020/12/21 Applivで紹介されました!

1)PLAY 一つの言葉を軸に関連し合う言葉が動きまわり、それを眺めます。関連する言葉の更に関連する言葉も動き回って関連性が直感的に視覚化されます。

2)TEST 関連する言葉とそうでない言葉が泳ぎ回るので、正しい言葉をタップしてその結果を積み重ねてゆきます。

3)TRAINING 連続して数個の言葉をPLAY、そしてTESTすることでカテゴリ内の言葉を効率的に覚えてゆきます。

4)LIST 個別に気になる言葉をチョイスしてPLAYやTESTを実行できます。

5)NEW ユーザーが覚えたいデータを独自に作成可能です。試験勉強やちょっとした豆知識の暗記にも役立つかも。






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