What is the “Heart-Warming Project”?

This event is a team game in which the competitors pick up garbage. Each team has four competitors and a captain.

Teams can earn points in the following ways;
・1g burnable garbage = 1pt
・1g unburnable garbage = 1pt
・1g cigarette butts = 10pt
・Thoughtful acts = 10pt
・Answer a quiz question = 500pt
Various rules are prepared in order to liven up the game.

Men and women of all ages can join. The aim of the event is to encourage thoughtfulness for the earth and others, although
picking up garbage is also important.


“MUNE-KYUNIST” means heart-warmer in Japanese. We define the meaning of “MUNEKYUN” as doing something considerate for the earth or others. We also call people who try to do this, “MUNE-KYUNIST.”

Schedule of the day

1. First, you bring your own work gloves and arrive at the place for the event by 9:00.

2. Next, measure the length of your arms and check in at a reception desk. You wear the rental vest at that time.

3. After we divided participants into some teams, let's enjoy communicating with your teammates actively.

4. Follow the instructions given by guides and devise a strategy.

5. Start picking up trash! While thinking about the answer to the quizzes, try to get back to a goal point in an hour.

6. Take a photo of your team and measure the weight of trash that your team picked up.

7. Enjoy communicating with people around you! You can also join a party after the event.

The place and the schedule

◆ The place
 11, Naito-cho, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo To, Japan

◆ The schedule for 2019
July 13th(Sat)9:00-11:30
September 14th(Sat)9:00-11:30
November 9th(Sat)9:00-11:30

Google Map

Why don't we do it together?


◆ Organization name : NPO Ishintai UNESCO CLUB

◆ Support:Ministry of the Environment

◆ The chairman of the board of directors : Toshihiro Hamamatsu

◆ Office : 7-16-1-201,Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 〒160-0023

◆ E-mail : ask@ishintai.org