One machine for the perfect Body and Face

A total treatment machine for your face and body.
Multi-function beauty instrument equipped with Ultrasound, EMS, and Electric Pulse Method !!
Burns fat and tones your muscle at the same time !

Tone Muscle and Burn Fat based on Science !

Beautiful Body Line from Synergistic Technology !

Feel the Rejuvenating Sensation in your body !

Miyako Bi Perfection Body Function

W (Dual) Cavitation

W Cavitation is a technology that oscillates 2 separate frequencies. For the shallow fat deposits, the beneficial 1.5MHz frequency is used, and 38KHz frequency is used for the deeper fat deposits.

Both frequencies are combined and generated simultaneously. This combination affects both the shallow and deeper parts of your body adding warmth that makes the treatment experience comfortable.

W Moving EMS

By not using a stationary type EMS pad, muscular exercises can be achieved from multiple angles.
Moving EMS twin head technology will move deep rooted muscles and fascia providing a unique experience. 
This simultaneous muscle stimulation is a great treatment for tightening the skin around your hip, stomach, upper arm, and back.
Our original technology is able to incorporate dual cavitation and EMS oscillation at the same time using two adjacent probes.

Waist ・ Stomach Tightening

Upper Arm Tightening


Back Tightening

Hip-Up ・ Thigh Tightening

Calf Tightening

Miyako Bi Perfection Facial Function
Popular face slimming and lifting effect in tandem with original technology

2 MHz Ultrasound ・ Moving EMS
【Facial Slimming】 (Ultrasound+EMS)

We chose 2 MHz ultrasound frequency as it is know to achieve great results for facial slimming. This frequency also provides comfortable vibrations to the skin.

The simultaneous combination of moving EMS and oscillation will cause muscle training and synergize with the effect of the ultrasound treatment. You can use the facial probe for massaging your shoulder and upper arms as well !!

The product allows users to choose freely between using EMS only, Ultrasound only, or both.

Electric Pulse Method (Cosmetic liquid insertion method)

Electroporation method is also known as mesotherapy, much like botox treatment but it is a safer alternative that requires no needles. Using the latest function to introduce beauty serum which can insert non-ionized ingredients and macromolecular ingredients such as collagen etc.

Facial Slimming ・ Massage

Shoulder ・ Decollete Massage

Cosmetic Liquid Introduction Care

Miyako Bi Perfection Features
Conventional Cavitation can reduce non-esterified fatty acids but it cannot burn the fat itself. Using Cavitation alone has always had the tendency of fat rebounding back.

But Miyako Bi Perfection combines W (dual) Cavitation with W Moving EMS to further reduce fat through aerobic exercise of the surrounding muscle. This combination burns the non-esterified fat without the fear of stubborn fat returning.
W Dual Cavitation
(Ultrasound + cavitation)
38 KHz cavitation and 1.5 MHz ultrasound frequencies oscillating simultaneously
W Moving EMS
Output from the two probes allows for 8 patterns of EMS to move the muscles directly
Ergodynamic shape
The ergodynamic shape ensures the beauty technician's hands will not get tired and stay comfortable during the course of treatment
LCD touch screen
Following the advancement of times, we adopt the latest touch screen technology into our beauty instrument for easy operation
Exclusive Body Gel's Synergistic Effect
This body gel is created to maximize the cavitation effect. It features 6 important size reducing effects. It contains 17 kinds of slimming ingredients such as mate leaf extract for fat control, coleus root extract, 4 kinds of caffeine, conjugated linoleic acid, chlorella, fermented white banal pin protein, artichoke extract to increase energy combustion in the blood vessel, etc.
Titanium Head with a hundred-year resistance
A genuine titanium head that is safe for your skin.
  • Titanium is very gentle and easy on the skin. Like 24K gold, it is a very expensive metal that is known not to cause any alleric reaction. This genuine titanium probe head will give better results than products that are simply titanium plated. 
  • Titanium is naturally sterilized by light, making it always hygienic.
  • The structural resistance factor of titanium is very high meaning that the titanium probe is resistant to damage and distortion. This greatly reduces the risk of distortion and buckling of the probe surface, resulting in a product that won't harm your skin.
  • The T probe and O probe are seamless and smooth. The probes are built based on human body engineering research and have been designed to fit all contours of the body. Combined with complete oscillation technology, the probes are able to provide extremely effective skin treatment.
  • 99.6% of titanium is classified as "genuine titanium" by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

LCD touch screen
Following the advancement of times, we adopt the latest touch screen technology into our beauty instrument for easy operation

Masatoshi Masuda - Chairman -

“For years, it is our passion to develop safe and secure machines that can comply to customers’ needs.
Once you experience the machine, you will surely be surprised with the result.
We keep conducting our own original research and development for many years in order to produce this result.
At the very least please come and try our genuine domestically made CaviMAX Perfection which is developed and manufactured by our own company.”

Aiko Abe - Director -

"We wish to make a contribution in the field of beauty and health for each of our customer through making safe, secure, and high quality products.
We take it as our mission to manufacture and promote our product sales not only in Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto, but also worldwide."


  • Maintenance guarantee : one year warranty
  • Rated voltage : AC100V~240V
  • Rated frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Size : W280 x D360 x H780mm
  • Electricity consumption : 36W
  • Weight : 13.0 kg
Accessories & Exclusive Cosmetics
O-type Probe (Body use)
T-type Probe (Face use)
Ground cord (face use) + Ground titanium plate
8 pin cable (Body・Face use)
AC Adapter (100V~240V) + adapter cable
Safetier Body Gel S (900g)
Safetier Body Gel S (3kg)
Safetier Gel Cream Plus (200g)
(face gel)
Safetier Gel Cream Plus (980g)
(face gel)
Safetier VC12 (40mL)
Safetier CLG (40g)
AC Adapter (100V~240V) + adapter cable

Safety Handling Instruction

Please read the operating manual and all other safety instructions before using the equipment
You should not use this product if you have the following medical conditions :
Heart disease・Acute disease・Contagious disease・Malignant tumor・Those with anemia・Febrile disease・Irregular blood pressure・Epilepsy・Expectant and nursing mother・Skin conditions.
If you feel any abnormality or if you develop any abnormal symptomps from using this product, please stop using the product immediately and consult with your doctor.
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Company Name Miyako Chemical Co., Ltd.
Director Aiko Abe
Date of Establishment March 1998
Company Address
Ukyo-ku, Saiin Hiramachi 19, Kyoto-shi
Kyoto, Japan 615-0022
Date of Establishment March 1998