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Want to know Deep-Japan in Misawa? 
Here is a recipe for happiness
in your Misawa life

Next is...

  • Sake and Japanese "Otsumami" tasting
  • Sake Manners 
  • Useful phrases for order/shopping
  • Voting and Get benefits

Do you know the Local Sake in Misawa?

Sake is Japan's national drink. Made all across the country, there are said to be about 20,000 brand names. Many diverse cultures originated in ancient times because of the climate and natural features of each region of Japan, which has four distinct seasons. These cultures also deeply influenced sake. For that reason, each brand of sake has developed with Japan's culture. Of course, Misawa too! 
Is sake complicated? No. Sake is an intereting drink!

How should I taste sake? What is the best temperture? Is there a special vocablary for sake? We have those answers!
Otsumami = Appetizer

Sake and washoku(Japanese food) pair wonderfully together, but we have some more recommended cuisines. Let's enjoy sake with tasty Otsumami.
 Vote your BEST SAKE!

If you have strong feeling about best sake, please let us know! We could use your feedback for our new recommendations!
 Vote your BEST SAKE!

If you have strong feeling about best sake, please let us know! We could use your feedback for our new recommendations!

About us....

This is our...
As the sky is starting to clear up, we will clear up any doubts/questions you may have. We creat valuable connections with people  around world through Tea Time Talk, cooking events and unique experiences in Japan.

Action Agenda
  1. Create an oppotunity to use effective Japanese with local people
  2. Provide useful phrases/tips for living in Japan 
  3. Do some activities for knowing a diffrent cultures (ex. Air kitchen)
  4. Collect all kinds of problems between foreigners and local people
  5. Give some bussines trainings to Japanese staffs or Japanese companys
  6. Making quality ESL materials such as instruction manual or guideline for the future
We’ve known there are young American airmen who came in Misawa looking for leaning Japanese language and culture but not much opportunity out there.        
We’ve known there are Misawa local people who feel difficulty to dealing with American because of language barrier or maybe it’s because they don’t know each other.
 We’ve decided we should work as liaison for both of them. 
Our challenge is giving them more opportunity to enjoy living in Misawa and get to know each other.   We can conduct, assist and support variety of activities. 
We’ll become a huge hidden part of that success for both relationship and let’s enjoy to living in Misawa together. 


Misawa Tea Time Talk Project presents
"How to Enjoy SAKE!"

Date: 11/11/2019 (Mon)
Time:   14:00 - 16:00      
Place: "I'm Home"          
Please refer to the map below
Maximam: 6 people        
Price: 6000yen / per person
Go to application below. You can pay by credit card.

Place: "I'm Home"          
Please refer to the map below



5-23 2choume Chuou-cho Misawa-shi Aomori


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