Mindfulness Tea Ceremony 

Reset your heart and mind.  Sharpen your spiritual sensitivity.

If you are interested in Japanese tea ceremony but would like to avoid touristy experience, please come to Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Kobe.  

Why Kobe?

Kobe is a cosmopolitan port city, with refined urban culture, beautiful nature,  interesting history, good food and good people.  Easy access from Kyoto and Osaka.  Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Kobe is conveniently but quietly located in a peaceful residential area close to refreshing, purifying Nunobiki Waterfall, just at the back of Shin-Kobe Station.

It is perfect to have a mindful, serene private tea ceremony and then head to a pleasant walk to the waterfall through a quiet Zen temple and a Shinto Shrine with the tea master, who is also a licensed guide.

Have a heart-to-heart, non-touristy
private tea ceremony.

The tea master will prepare the tea ceremony just for you, not having anyone before or after you -- it's only one group per day. 
After the tea ceremony, she will give you a tour of Kobe walking through a tranquil beautiful path through a Zen temple and a Shinto shrine, explaining their spiritual philosophy, then reaching the purifying Nunobiki Waterfall. 
The total 3 hours in the afternoon will be a beautiful, serene, refreshing time for you to sharpen your spiritual sensitivity.

Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Kobe is best suited to...

- those who would like to experience a private, non-touristy, heart-to-heart tea ceremony
- those who are well-traveled and looking for an in-depth experience
- those who would like to have a peaceful moment to reflect on themselves


- Everyday 13:30 (3 hours)

- Maximum 4 guests in a group

- Price: 26,000 yen per group (NOT per person)
including 90 min of a private tea ceremony conducted by a tea master with detailed explanation and instruction in fluent English, and 90 min of guided walk of peaceful and green Kobe with a licensed guide.

- Meeting point: Shin-Kobe Station 


"We had a unique moment in time with Souka. She took us to a beautifully decorated room where she performed an incredibly graceful tea ceremony. We felt part of a peaceful historic tradition and enjoyed every minute of this experience. I had the taste of matcha on my lips for hours after which pleasantly prolonged the sensation. I can warmly recommend this event." (U from Denmark)

"The tea ceremony was wonderful and very tasteful. We left her house filled up with new energy and kind spirit." (T from England)

"Thank you so much Souka - you couldn’t have been a better host and it is a day that will last long in our memories due to your thoughtfulness." (S from U.K.)

"Souka est une jeune femme délicate et attentionnée, elle a accepté ma demande de voir une cérémonie du thé lors de mon très court séjour à Kobe. En plus de présenter un très beau rituel, Souka explique l'origine et la philosophie de la cérémonie. C'est une douce parenthèse hors du temps." (F from France)


Through her study of Urasenke tea ceremony for 11 years, the  Zen philosophy "live in the moment" has been always the core tenet of her life.

Pursuit of the beautiful spirit of tea ceremony gave her a strong background in the important spiritual philosophy deeply running through Japanese traditional/modern culture.

She has been also giving guiding tours around Japan to English-speaking visitors ever since she got the national license in 2009.

Through her privately-offered tea ceremony and the guided walk through a quiet lovely path to the waterfall, she looks forward to offering a beautiful, serene time, where you can get away from your daily thoughts and reset yourself.

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For those who love nature. 
For those who want to be one with nature.

Mindfulness Tea Ceremony in the nature

This is a 5-hour walking tour to have the Mindfulness Tea Ceremony in the nature, visiting Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines along the way.  Sharpen your sensitivity in the beautiful nature.


- Everyday at 10:00 (5 hours)

- Maximum 4 guests

- Meeting and ending point: Shin-Kobe Station

- Walking details: 8km (5miles), 340m ascent

- Price: 40,000 yen per group (NOT per person) + 1,000 yen per person for matcha tea and sweets

- What's included: nature walking tour visiting Tokko-in Zen Buddhist temple and Tairyu-ji Esoteric Buddhist temple as well as local small Shinto shrines, and open-air tea ceremony with matcha green tea and sweets and Zen meditation 

- What's not included: lunch (let's buy lunch together at Shin-Kobe station, or you can bring your favorite trail lunch) and water

- Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

- NOTE: Guests must have travel insurance. This travel insurance must cover personal accident and medical expenses.

- In case of light rain, we will go as planned.  In case of hard rain or any other conditions that makes the mountian walking dangerous, we will do the regualr Mindfuness Tea Ceremony and walking to the water fall, followed by walking tour of Kobe.  Detailed to be fixed based on guests' preference.

Scenery Along the Way

For inquiries and reservation, please contact: