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What's New

Partnership with Jiangsu Lianda Group
We have formed a partnership with Jiangsu Lianda Group, one of the largest corporate groups in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, in the healthcare business.
10th Year Anniversary of Company Establishment
Fortunately, we were able to celebrate our 10th anniversary on April 1, 2019.
We are truly grateful for all of the support we received. We will take this opportunity to devote ourselves to our work to satisfy our clients.
Thank you for your patronage. 


Chosen in the 100 influencer list

Our representative, Tomohiro Nagamori, was elected as「100 Japanese Influencers」and「Entrepreneurs to Change Japan」.

Chosen in the 100 influencer list

Our representative, Tomohiro Nagamori, was elected as「100 Japanese Influencers」and「Entrepreneurs to Change Japan」.

About Us

Oersted International was established in 2009 to support the manufacturing indutry. Thereafter, we shifted our business to trading, after marketing efficient energy saving products. Currently, we design and produce electronic and healthcare products.
From 2020, we have began EC services connecting our Japanese and Chinese cooperations and clients through our accumulated knowledge and experience. 
Furthermore, we provide investment and consulting services to wide range of tech firms: development and management of solar panels and electrical waste disposal, music apps, and communication robots to cultivate our business.

Our Services

Designing・Producing・Selling Power Generation, Power Conservation, Electricity Storage

After sales of the LED lights in 2009, we dealth with many projects relating to power generation and power consercation products. 

After the scheduled blackouts that occured due to the Tōhoku earthquake in 2011, we were able to plan and develop storage batteries efficiently, which were a big hit. 

The Cell Fresh Nets to save electricity for air conditioning products are used by many clients, who are major chain stores. 

Our Healthcare Operations

In 2015, we tied up a partnership with a one trillion company, DSM cooperation, and began designing, producing, and selling of dietary supplements.

Our「UV Total Clear」product was recongized number 1 product on Rakuten Ichiba, thanks to our many satisfied users. 
We receive many orders from customers all around the world, as there are high needs of healthcare products made with Japanese advanced technology. We develop and design many types of "Made in Japan" products. 

In 2020, we partnered with Li Anda Group, the largest corporate group in Jiangsu Province, China, to start a business related to inbound healthcare in Japan.

Investment and Cultivation in Tech Firms

After selling a power conditioner for solar power generation, we became involved in mega solar development projects.

We also share our accumulated knowledge of our own solar power generation to our customers' power station and provide consulting to make them highly profitable. 

So far, we have invested in businesses such as electrical waste treatment and apps. MJI cooperation, which was established as a joint venture with Polyphony cooperation, has received an investment of over 1 billion yen from Toyota-affiliated funds and is developing communication robots and AI.

Cross-Border E-Commerce

Using the experience that we have gained through the planning, development and sales of supplements, we support the sales of EC by Chinese manufacturers in Japan and support the expansion of Japanese manufacturers into China.

Create 'Made In Japan' Products

Our 'Made in Japan' service allows our clients to produce 'Made in Japan' products from anywhere in the world. With OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), there are 2 main advantages. 

Your product's quality can be ensured. With just the change of where the product is made, it can make a distinction in the product's image. 

Your product will be manufactured with the use of advanced Japanesse technology. We take pride in the Japanese technology and promise our clients the best quality version of their products.

We provide the service in wide range of products with our high development qualities, like skin care, hair care, healthy food, and many more.

Bring your product to the Japanese Market through 'Tokyo Tower'

We share and sell our clients' products on one of the most trusted shopping site in Japan, Yahoo! Japan. It is a chance to spread the product into the Japanese market. 

We will take full responsibility of the whole process to bring your product to the Japanese market. 

We make this possible through our accumulated knowledge and deal with the process effectively. We bring new opportunities to our clients. 

Company Profile

Company Name Oersted International
Address Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shiba 3-3-12 Shiba Matsushita Building 3rd Floor
Phone Number 03-6453-9600
Respresentative President and CEO 
Tomohiro Nagamori
Capital 25 Million Yen
Founding April 2009
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Our services
  • Planning, development and sales of power generation, storage and power saving products
  • Healthcare operations
  • Investing and cultivating tech firms
  • Cross-Border E-commerce
Founding April 2009