Japan ICO / IEO Summit
March 2019

The New ICO / IEO projects come from Japan,
20 March 7:00 -9:00 PM  at 28 Tai Seng st
26 March 7:00 -9:00 PM  at city area 
1. M +Plus  -Medical Blockchain Foundation
Medical Blockchain Foundation is established in Japan with the aim of building a distributed secure data environment that all medical  professionals, patients, their families can utilize right away.

MBF will transform the current method of medical data distribution and management by building a blockchain based foundation essential for immeasurably improving accuracy and guarding authenticity.

By utilizing Medical Blockchain Platform (MBP), businesses can now expand existing healthcare systems or  develop new medical systems by quickly utilizing our secure network and can  do so without acquiring any blockchain development expertise.    As a result, businesses can implement software based on this foundation that will  contribute to improving global health.

The m+plus token is the basis of this foundation and is used as a fee  mechanism that rewards everyone who contributes to the operation of the  MBP from anywhere in the world.
GOLD SHINKA TOKEN (= GST) is a project to build the next generation financial platform with gold  standard backed by mined gold. We issue tokens that are converted to gold actually mined by mining  development and develop real asset token platforms including gold.

Japan ICO summit
March 2019

Date 20 March  7:00 - 9:00 pm
26 March  7:00 - 9:00 pm
Fee Free
Presenters M +PLUS  Medical Blockchain
Gold Sinka Token
Venue 20 March:   28 Tai Seng Street
26 March:   somewhere in central district 
Presenters M +PLUS  Medical Blockchain
Gold Sinka Token

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