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Beautiful and Supple
like a Cat

<What is Power Jewel Therapy?>

Such as slack and wrinkles,
stiff neck and back pain,
everyday feeling of sickness, etc.

These seem to have nothing to do.

In fact, everything is sent from your body as 
 "important message" 

 All our bodies are connected,

The body and mind are deeply affected,

We are adapting to our daily lives while keeping the [whole body balance].

Even if you care for each "important message" separately,
There is no fundamental solution.

 And even if this temporarily eases,
 they will soon return to their original condition.

The Power Jewel ® philosophy is  "Beauty and health are the same source"

With this philosophy,
we receive a message from the body,
And adjusting the [whole body balance].

By adjust the whole body balance,
awakening the coordination and resilience that everyone has.

This "whole body balance adjustment" is a shortcut to the REAL BEAUTIFUL & HEALTH.

※ The treatment of Power Jewel ® therapy is to balance the whole body,
It is not intended for medical treatment.

Please See the change of below !!
You can see the "before" & "After"

<CONCEPT is【Happiness & Reborn】>

Power Jewel® Therapy Technology is a special thing not found elsewhere.

"Immediate effect" that changes appear immediately,
The effect is "sustainable" that lasts for a fixed period

Moreover! !
What we provide is not only an effect that changes appearance,
but also having joy and pleasure feelings by becaming beautiful.

It increases the smile that is more important than anything else
Lifestyle changes,
A bright smile spreads,
We will help to create a positive sprits!

The Power Jewel® concept is
Can be reborn happily happily,
Indeed, it is 【Happiness ・ Reborn】


Stress reduction course
(about 20 minutes)

When autonomic nervous system is out of balance, getring frustrated, lack of sleep, cause symptoms such as rough skin.
Adjust your autonomic balance and release stress!

Face course (about 30 minutes)

Your eyes will grow quickly.
The face is also smaller.
☆ with mini massage ☆

Decollete course
(about 40 minutes)

Add decollete to the face course!

☆ with mini massage ☆
Breathing becomes deeper,
more oxygen is taken into the body to promote blood circulation,
your skin is shiny!

Beauty Body Course
(about 60 minutes)

Specialized to the body only, adjusted to the base according to the condition of the body.

It is a beauty management course that adjusts the whole body balance by putting on stretch and management.

Beauty Face + Body Course
(about 70 minutes)

In addition to the face and decollete course, the balance adjustment of the whole body is performed.

It is a total course that promotes the regeneration of core parts of the body by stretching and tailoring.

Small face, lift up effect is further improved,
Approach to the intestine also boosts your immune system.

Face course (about 30 minutes)

Your eyes will grow quickly.
The face is also smaller.
☆ with mini massage ☆

When is business day?

Ssturday 10,July.
Business Hours is
We also accept business trips and other desired dates.

Please feel free to email or call.

☆Liberty Neko-san☆

Room #201
3-20-16 Narimasu Itabasi-ku Tokyo

5-minute walk from Narimasu Station of Tobu-Tojo Line
6-minute walk from Chikatetsu Narimasu Station of Subway Yurakucho Line.

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TEL : 090-9306-3327
E-mail address: y2abe888@gmail.com
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