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Toru Sasaki

1988年生まれ、島根県出身。大学3年生の終わりに公認会計士を目指し、ダブルスクールのうえ1発合格を果たす。2011年にKPMG AZSA LLC入社以来、さまざまな規模、業種のクライアントの会計監査に携わる他、海外M&AによるPMI会計パート、内部統制アドバイザリーも経験。2017年には約3ヶ月Siliconvalleyに派遣され、海外での業務も経験。英語を使ったビジネスで仕事の幅と可能性が広がったことを実感。現在も精力的に新たな学びや様々なことに挑戦中。

Born in 1988.  From Shimane-prefecture, Japan.  I passed CPA exam only one try by learning double school from the end of the third-grade at university.  Since I have worked at KPMG AZSA LLC in 2011, assigned to a variety of client and scale of client also part of accounting of PMI, advisary of internal control.  In 2017, I experienced working in Siliconvalley as a CPA auditor.  I realized my expansion of experience to the range and possibility of work.   I have been challenging vigorously to the new learnings etc,.
  Missions in my life are to support to the companies for improving itself and its employees' life quality, to viterize comunity and to support for the sustainable society.

Favorites: Reading, English, Challenging to the new things, Disscussion with passion, Travel, High school baseball, Hiroshima-Carp, Drinking etc,...