Private Guesthouse.
Japanese traditional wooden house in Tokyo downtown.

A grandmother's house in downtown Tokyo.

It is very old and small house. Formerly my grandmother.
My grandmother is 91 years old now, and in Bangkok she lives well.
I prepared daily necessities.
It is in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Tokyo.
And JR and subway stations are within 10 minutes' walk, so you can easily access Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo station.
There are multiple supermarkets and convenience stores within a five-minute walk, so shopping is also convenient.
Prepare futon on tatami.
The closest JR station is Itabashi St,8min from home by walk,It takes 3min to Ikebukuro,8min to Shinjuku by train.And closest Metro station is Nishi-sugamo St,5min from home by walk too,It takes 15min to Tokyo St.

Introduction of the owner of this house

Her name is Keiko.
She is 91 years old born in 1926.
Keiko lived in this house from around 1970 until December 2013.
Now Keiko moves to Bangkok and lives with his grandchildren.

Address&Nearest station

JR Saikyo Line Itabashi St.
East exit.

Tokyo Metro Mita Line.
A3 exit.


3-26-6 takinogawa kitaku Tokyo Japane


Operation manager information

Operator   Satohiko Narumi
Telephone Japan + 81-505243-7814
           Thailand  + 66-89-068-8618

Hello everyone.
I am managing the house of my grandmother.
It is a very old and small house, but I have a memorable house for long years.
It is a welcoming tourist who wants to experience the life of Tokyo downtown.
We have everything we need for long stay.
The price is 8000JPY a night (4 people).
If you increase 1 person, you can add up to 1000JPY and stay up to 6 people.
Please ask for details.

I have a private party room in the neighborhood.
If you want it you can party.
Until now, we co-hosted Wagyu Beef steak, hand-rolled sushi, udon classroom etc.
You can have a more economical and enjoyable party than eating at a restaurant.
If you wish to use the party room please contact us.