Kitamoto Neputa Special tour

Deeply involved in the world of Neputa Festival


Enjoy Matsuri Festival like a local
This year, we will invite around 20 international students studying
in Tokyo and Saitama to our communual Kitamoto Neputa Festival.

You will enjoy special Matsuri stand food,
the Amazing Kabuki-themed Lantern Floats, Matsuri Costume and much more!

■Schedule:3th November, 2018 14:00〜21:00 (Meeting time 13:45)
■Participation Fee:500Yen(Payment on site)
■the number to be admitted:20 people
(⚠︎We will stop accepting applications oce the limit is reached) 
 Place:West side area of Kitamoto-city, Saitama prefecture

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Event Coordinator

Natsuki Fukunaga

A master student majoring in International Business at Rikkyo Universtiy, representative of Local Travel Japan. Since coming back to Japan from one year experience studying abroad in Sweden, cordinating events which give a special opportunity to experience Japanese culture like a local.

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Kitamoto Neputa

"Kitamoto Neputa" which is held from around 6 p.m., about 15 kinds of large and small Neputa lanterns are floating on the street, and as the largest Neputa Festival in Kanto region, many people visit from the city and outside every year.

Volunteer Guide Group

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary, we will hold a guided tour with 14 volunteer guide members,  for foreigners to further encourage various people to experience the charm of Kitamoto Neputa. We are looking forward to your participation.

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Venue for the Neputa Festival

Kitamoto Station

We will meet up just outside the ticket gate of Kitamoto Station

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