KIDO Shibuya cultural workshop. GO and History

Wanna learn something new? We will teach you basic IGO lesson in English. 

Not only learn the rules you can acctually play it only with 2hours.
Let's have great morning with us.

What's IGO(囲碁)?

IGO(囲碁) is ...

A Japanse traditional board games.
It has 3~4000 years of history and is played by about 30million people play it world wide.

It has simple rules but a million ways of playing, that is why it attract many people around the world.

About the Workshop

IGO beginner lesson and...

We will provide a lecture on and a history talk. You can enjoy typical Japanese drink,green tea and snacks as well.

Time: 10:00~12:00 Every Wednesday.
Fee: ¥5000/person(pay on site)
Includes lecture, free green tea, sovenior mini-IGO board. 

[finished]      10/Feb/2016
[finished]     17/Feb/2016
[6 spots left] 24/Feb/2016
[6 spots left] 2/Mar/2016
[6 spots left] 9/Mar/2016
[6 spots left] 16/Mar/2016
[6 spots left] 23/Mar/2016

※Reservation required:
Email us your name and date.

Place: KIDO Shibuya(IGO Salon Shibuya)

3 min from
Shibuya station 

About us

Marika Taniguchi

Hello,This is Marika.
I used to teach English to children in Japan.
Director of World Peace Game Project in Japan.
I stayed in Auckland last year and visited U.S. as an interpreter
 for the U.S. Go congress.
I love to meet new people and learn new things.I am looking forward to meeting you.

IGO teacher

Shogo Inamoto

Amateur 6 dan player, Director of IGO Holdings.
Studied English in Canada 2012.
Developed IGO app 2013.  

IGO teacher

Kenta Igeta

Amateur 5 dan player. CEO of of IGO Holdings
Organizes many GO lessons for both beginners and experienced players around Tokyo.
Loves to play tennis.