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KARITE ETERNA is ultimate anti-aging basic cosmetics
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KARITE ETERNA MOISTURE SERIES is the ultimate anti-aging basic cosmetic product packed with unpurified natural shea butter in plenty.
KARITE ETERNA MOISTURE LOTION and MOISTURE CREAM 2 lineup, confined by moisturizing, shea butter ingredients heal your skin's damage.
Artificial fragrance free, colorless, Made in Japan.
Shea butter 27% formulation, other ingredients also stick to natural beauty ingredients with outstanding compatibility with shea butter carefully selected.
It is also the most problematic use feeling in conventional shea butter cosmetics, sticking to texture and fragrance, sticking to the finest basic cosmetics made over time by proprietary manufacturing method.
KARITE ETERNA MOISTURE SERIES is a cosmetic product that incorporates many voices from the salon which is a beauty site.

We have agency agreement with numerous facial beauty salons, selling and recommendation, as it is with the quality sold as salon monopoly.

There were also circumstances that it was taken up as a beauty TV program and was inundated with inquiries and sold to general consumers for a limited amount.

Selected naturally derived ingredients specialized for anti-aging.

Shea butter
(Emollient Component)

Ceramide 1
Ceramide 3
Ceramide 6 II
Coenzyme Q 10
Hyaluronic acid Na
Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
Acetyl hyaluronate Na
Water-soluble collagen

Basic of beautiful skin,
Firmly charged with moisture
(Moisturizing component)

Toukinsen flower extract
Caninabara fruit extract
Amachazuru extract
Cuckoo Extract
Chlorella extract
Soy extract
Seasoned Kizusa Extract

Skin roughness and Troubleshooting measures
(Skin texture component)

Yagurumagiku flower extract
Roman chamomile flower extract
Kotomi flower extract
Hygogwood extract
Aloe vera leaf extract

For sharp skin
(Slimming component)

Mate tea leaf extract
Coffee seed extract
Hamamelis extract
Grape leaf extract

Moisture and nutrition
Wrinkle care
Feminine shine
For youthful skin
Bright skin color
(Skin texture component)

Olive oil
Fuyu Bodajie flower extract
Pomegranate peel extract
Season's chestnut seed extract
Arnica flower extract

Relax with aroma
(Skin texture component)

Odorous cod roe oil
(Rose geranium)
Novara oil
Lavender oil

Shea tree growing in a zone called Africa's so-called "shea belt".

It is called a mysterious tree, it takes decades to produce fruit, and shea fruit can only be harvested once in three years.

In the locality of Burkina Faso, it is originally used as an edible oil, it is applied to the whole body to protect the baby 's skin from strong drying and ultraviolet rays, and applied as a medicine during burning.

Among them, unpurified, and "high quality formulation of the highest quality is compounded at 27%.

We use carefully selected naturally derived ingredients specialized for aging other ingredients.

Please find the method of use that suits you.

Method of face treatment

In the dry season, spread plenty of lotion, then warm up the cream with the palm of your hands softly, spread gently from the center to the outside, from the bottom to the top of the face.

Care is completed with these two steps.

It is effective if you overlay the cream on the part where the dry damage around the eyes and mouth is especially likely to occur as necessary.

In a sticky season, when you use a lotion and cream on your palm in the amount of your choice and use it, it spreads well and it is lightly finished.

It is also recommended as a make-up base for busy mornings.

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