Jay Cycling Tour

        Ride through what's cool about Tokyo.

 Exploring a destination by bicycle allows you to really experience an area and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of a place. My name is Jay, a Japanese Tokyoite(Tokyo local) who loves to ride bicycle. On my bike tour, I take care of all the details — all you have to do is pedal!

What to see in Tokyo?

Imperial Palace

 Tokyo Sky Tree

Sensou-ji Temple

If you are planning to visit Tokyo, you might have seached the spots above.
Visiting the places, you will find many cultural learnings and tasty foods almost everywhere.

But I think that's not enough for your trip.

If you...
       -are keen on learning Japanese culture and history, which is not on guidebook or website.
   -want to know deep inside Tokyo and how the Tokyoites live their daily lives.
       -want to spend special time of your own.

For those of you feel that way, I will be one of your helpful option.

Joining my tour, you will be free from all the chores like..

   -look up for place to visit
and research whats good about it.
       -research the best route to visit each place.
       -being aware of getting lost in city unknown

What makes the thing more difficult is, wi-fi enviroment in Tokyo isn't wonderful for foreigners. 
It might take a little time to find accessible free wifi-spot.
(People are trying to find MacDonalds or cafe when they turned in wifi refugees in Tokyo.)

So, this is what I'm going to provide.

On my tour, I will...
   -take you to several sights, explaining historical/cultural background of each.
   -introduce daily lives as a current Tokyoite.
   -take care of all the course. You don't have to worry about wifi or where you are. Leave it to me!

 And also, my tour will be an opportunity to meet new friends.

Here's some tour details below.
Tour #1
Major Sights -Half Day Tour-
Hibiya Park, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi Bridge, Sumidagawa River,
Sensou-ji Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree,  Monzen Nakacho Traditional Town,  Kiyosumi-Garden
Available Date
August : 25th(Sat)
September: 1st(Sat), 2nd(Sun), 9th(Sun), 15th(Sun), 22nd(Sun)

  *Last Update: (August 12th)
¥12,000/person  Standard Price     
¥6,000/person    Monitoring Campaign Price (only for first 6 tours)

   *If you book by Sepetember 20th, the fare will be ¥5,000/person.
What's Included
Rental bike, helmet, guide, a bottle of water, entrance fee of garden, rain gear if necessary, tax.
(Guests are asked to cooporate 10 minute short interview after the tour.)
Duration 3.5 hours  9:30am-13:00pm
Hibiya Park, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi Bridge, Sumidagawa River,
Sensou-ji Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree,  Monzen Nakacho Traditional Town,  Kiyosumi-Garden

If you intersted in my tour, feel free to contact me, or ask any tiny questions.
I will reply you within 48 hours.


-First up, my name is Jay, a 28 years old Japanese guy .
 I grew up mainly in Japan, other I've lived in Brussels, Belgium and Michigan, United States for while.  

 Currently, I work as a business man in Tokyo during weekdays.
 Wearing ordinary suits, work like all the other salary-man do.
 (Finish some paperworks, attend meeting, expain about products, etc...)

 Those were fun when it was new to me, but not anymore.
 So I started thinking of what makes me really happy.

 Through my life, I was always keen on visiting the place I've never been to.
  Meeting new people, learning the culture there, eating local foods are always impressible for me.

 So, I decided to start my career as bike tour guide. 
 I would like to share the excinting moments with you.

-I believe biking is the BEST method to experience a city, especially in Tokyo, for the following two reasons.

 1. Tokyo is very compact city, the sights are densed in small area.
   So, by bike, it's quite easy to hop one spot to another, which allows you to visit more within a short amount of time.

 2. Biking is one of popular means to move around neighbors for Tokyoite.
   You will be able to get insights of locals and travel flexibly according to your interest.

These are the reasons why your bike trip will be fullfilling,  which you won't be able to get by public transportation like trains or subways.

-As a guide, my No.1 consious is to get you back home safely.
 No.2 is to share best moments in Tokyo.

-If you intersted in, feel free to contact me, or ask any tiny questions.