Azerbaijan Japan EXPO 2017



We are a specialized trading company founded in 2013.

When I was engaging in law career, I got a situation that I should take a leave of absence due to poor health of unknown cause.

I was not getting better when I took the medicine. However since I had changed my diet, my physical condition became better and better.

Based on these experiences, I got interested in the importance of what we eat, so I had check various food ingredients. And finally I decided to introduce the number of product made with fine ingredients. For that reason I started business.

We are small company. However we are highly praised from our overseas clients for carefully working and now we have wide experience of exporting.


 Our Products 


Kinako Ball 

【Additive-free Healthy sweet snacks】

Precious selection raw materials

Rich in nutrients necessary for body, like good protein, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamins, soy isoflavones, soy peptides.

[Brown rice]
Rich in vitaminB, vitaminE. Supplementing the nutrition necessary for body such as protein, carbohydrate and make it beautiful from inside.

Japan Mulberry Udon・Soba

Dried noodles made from carefully selected ingredients.It has al dente mouthfeel because blended mulberry leaves and konnyaku.Also good for diet.Maker is EdoTamagawaya awarded with Royal Warrant.

【Traditional techniques】

■Yugone: They knead dough with hot water of 92 degrees or more.

■Carefully Drying: They dry dough  for 24 hours  4 times longer than usual.

Stick Green Tea

You can enjoy authentic green tea easily with hot water or water.


Latch kukuru

We will be showcasing Latch Kukuru, a supplement product evidenced to improve sleep quality by increasing the level of intracellular heat shock proteins (HSPs) that moderate the function of the autonomic nervous system.

Latch Kukuru has been awarded approval for its clinical benefits and safety by the Prefectural Government of Hokkaido, Japan.

Product Specification
Latch kukulu


PROHARB Series  

PROHARB series contains many natural ingredients such as propolis extract and natural herb.We will respond to various skin trouble such as your hands and feet.

PROHARB are numerous lineups in series products such as skin care, body care, hair care and so on. And, It is a product with abundant export experience to overseas.

Throughbred Placenta Geneki Moisturizer

Placenta Geneki made by expert for placenta research company. It has 100% Placenta Extract used its unique technology. It gives you glowing and fine skin.

【7 Free Formulation】

・Fragrance free
・Coloring free
・Paraben free
・Mineral free
・Antioxidant free
・Ultraviolet Absorber free
・Alcohol free