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I am taking Ms. Ito's online Japanese classes for a few months now in order to prepare for the JLPT's as well as improving my everyday Japanese. The whole experience has been very organized and pleasant. Early on she made a study plan customized to my personal goals and adapted the lessons accordingly. The lessons are structured but with enough room for extra questions. She could answer all questions I had without problems and even provided additional resources where needed. The lessons are always a lot of fun and I feel my Japanese has improved notably which has been confirmed by my Japanese speaking peers.

I feel confident I can pass the coming JLPT thanks to Ms. Ito's classes. I look forward to continue learning Japanese in the future.

-Thomas Klein (Germany)

     Learning a foreign is never easy . Especially for older man who has hearing damage. I was very lucky to get a great teacher when I transferred to Japan Shihoko has charm, wit and wisdom. Her teaching style adapted to my learning style and make this difficult task pleasant and enjoyable. A wonderful person and fantastic teacher!

-Tim Sheppard. (USA)

     I was not able to talk Japnese naturally and also did not understand how to use grammar correctly. Even I have leanrd basic japanese but teacher reviews my exactly understanding again then we start to learn, and also explains me by use some example related to your daily life or your work to make you easy to understand. She was not only following the text book but also answering the question about japanese which I encountered at my work. I recommend her lessons anyone who wants to use japanese in you daily life or your work. She is not only a good teacher but she is also my best friend! She is very friendly and enthusiastic to support you to achieve your japanese target.                       

-Wisarat Skanwaranin(Thailand)

I’ve been taking the japanese classes of Mrs. Ito for about 1,5 years now. Taking the lesson 2 times a week has been proven to be the best practice for me. She was very obliging when we chose the times for the lessons and let me choose the days that worked best for me.
   She had a structured studying plan each day since day 1. I always felt that she had planned the lessons ahead and a worked me alongside her plans. When we first set down together she asked me what it was I wanted to achieve and in which time I wanted to achieve it. 
   After we were set on the goals we wanted to reach I directly realized that the lessons were tailored to me. She asked me what my usual ways of learning are and in which way it is easiest for me to understand a new language and structured the lessons to be exactly that way. She quickly grew accustomed to how I learn best and further improved the lessons on that knowledge. I look forward to every lessons as I can see the results immediately during and after the lessons. I always feel I have learned something new after a class, especially since she always answers all questions I come up with extensively. If she fears I do not understand her answer to a question she makes big efforts to come up with a solution that I can understand (and some extra practices) until the next lesson. This makes me really appreciate the one on one lessons I get from her. I think this provides me with a better environment to learn than being in a group course.
  As such I have made a lot of improvements in the past 1,5 years and have exceeded the goals that we set at the start. Because of her flawless teaching I was able to learn thoroughly and fast. I have no doubts about continuing with her lessons and further enhancing my japanese.                            -Henrik Bölte (Germany)

I really enjoy your lessons. first of all, you're a great teacher and good at explaining words and their meaning. second of all, I love that I not only learn the language, but I'm also able to try out the food. it is so nice of you to offer me the tea, food or various snacks.
  I feel very comfortable talking to you, because you're an understanding person. also, it's amazing how welcoming you are.
I'm really happy that I started taking your lessons ^^

-Lisa (Germany)

  Learning a language can be fun, especially when it's Japanese because of the endless expressions you can learn. But the real joy of learning Japanese comes with glancing at the Japanese culture, its rich history and discussing about Japanese society. Such discussions with Shihoko sensei helped me not only in improving my Japanese language skills but also in gaining a new perspective which made it all the more fun.

-Gaurav Kumar (India)

    I started to take course with Shihoko at the end of July 2017 with almost no previous knowledge in japanese. Then, in December, I was able to pass successfully the JLPT N5 and next June I'll be heading to Japan to work there ! So I definitely recommend here as a teacher ! Plus, she's really friendly which make the course very enjoyable.



One to One Private Lessons

【1.5 hours lessons】

1 ticket(1 lesson)=45 euro
10 tickets(10 lessons)=400euro​

【1 hour lessons】

1 ticket (1 lesson) =40 euro
10 tickets(10 lessons)=350 euro


The lessons are taught online.You can also take face to face lessons if you can come to my house, in Benrath Germany.


Available time (Germany Time)update!
Monday : 18-19.30 
Tuesday: 9-11,18-19.30
Thursday: 9-11,13-15
Friday: 18-19.30

【30 mins. free online consultation】
If you have questions on my lessons and
would like to talk to me in person, please let me know 
from CONTACT button.

General rules of the lessons

Ticket(s)are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.The expiration date can be extended due to both teacher's and student's vacation or similar reasons.Ticket(s)must be bought at least 1 week before the lesson.The lesson(s) are taught on fixed day and at a time basically but can be rearranged when student requests 2 days prior to the lesson, at the latest.
The ticket(s) will be no longer valid after 60 days of student's last contact to the teacher.

Hello, I'm Shihoko.

Shihoko Ito
  • I've been teaching Japanese and English for more than 17 years.
  • You can learn not only Japanese language but also you can learn Japanese culture with me

  • You can make friends with my other students(who's leaning Japanese or English) and widen your world! I'm excited to meet you and show you the whole new future.
  • You can take lessons online from anywhere you are, or at my house in Düsseldorf Germany.
  • I've been teaching Japanese and English for more than 17 years.


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address 40597 Düsseldorf
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teacher Shihoko Ito
teacher Shihoko Ito

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