Do you know
Black Garlic?

delicious! Healthy!
A black garlic
that can be eaten like a fruit.

Tasty , mind smell & rich in nutrition

Before fermentation

During fermentation

After fermentation

Sweet & Sour
Deliciosly edible fruit

They’re sweet and sour like dried fruits. They’re so fruity and delicious that you might never think you were eating garlic.

Lessened pungent garlicky smell Fine to enjoy everyday

The smell of regular garlic doesn’t stay on too much, so they’re fine to eat every day. The stimulation on the stomach and bowls are even less which is another good point.

More nutrients!

About seven times the polyphenol compared to regular raw garlic! They contain plenty of S-Allyl-L-Cysteine and amino acids.

How to eat 
show you!

                            Peel and eat as it is.
1 clove per day for a good health.

Other weys to eat!


Make caprese and enjoy with wine.

Grilled chicken

Marinete and grill with chiken for a more interesting dish.

Pizza toast

Toast with pizza for an energetic break fast.

We have been manufacturing and selling
black garlic for 12 years in Japan .

We are Shizenkyosei Corporation,
the long established company for black garlic.

Selected garlic harvested Aomori Prefecture.

Self-fermentation without any addition.
Supervised by craftsmen.

Make with Uji tea
from Kyoto
to lessen the smell.

 Product lineups

Clove garlic

Selected single bulb gaerlic.A populer product as the skin is easy to peel off.

Head type

 A graded garlic head which 3 sizes S,M,and L. 

Peeled type

Ready to eat,ready to cook.
Jast enjoy it in your style.


Garlic paste .
Can be eaten directly or can also be used as a cooking ingredient.

Powder type which is often used in manufacturing supplements.


Cloves type packed in a plastic bag. 100g and 200 packs are popular. We can also provide packs with heads and peeled ones, too.


Heads type packed in a bag. 100gand 200g portion is popular. We can also provide packs with cloves, too.

Black garlic miso

This is a miso (fermented soybean) paste mixed with black garlic and miso. It goes well eating it with vegetable sticks and rice. It comes with a fancy box to display them at the front of shops.

Black garlic curry

It’s a pre-packed curry with black garlic cloves with an abundance of spices. The combination of the spiciness of the curry and the sweet sourness of black garlic is just superb. It comes with a fancy box that looks great when displayed at the front of shops.

Black garlic jelly

It’s a stick type grape flavored jelly with black garlic. It has strong levels of the eight B vitamins in the vitamin B group. It comes with a fancy box for display. (15 sticks per box)

Black garlic drink

This is a supplement drink. Additive free. Black onion and black vinegar are also included to support it. It comes with a fancy box. (six bottles of 50ml bottles per box)

Black garlic supplement

This is a supplement tablet containing black garlic and 150 kinds of plant fermented extracts. Sold in aluminum pouch bags. (220mg tablets x 155 tablets per bag)

Black garlic vinegar

It is aged vinegar using black garlic. Drink it as health vinegar, use it for cooking.
Synthetic preservatives not used.

We provide select products that are pleasing from the consumers point of view.

 Shizenkyosei Corporation
Black garlic
manufacturing factory
‘Black garlic factory’
  • We are passionate about making black garlic as they are good for you and you can enjoy the taste at the same time.
  • We place a strong focus on hygiene control to ensure customers feel safe continuing to use our products and to ensure we send out high quality black garlic.
  • We work hard on developing products that consumer wants based on their points of view.
  • We are passionate about making black garlic as they are good for you and you can enjoy the taste at the same time.