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Takeda Landscaping is a Japanese garden specialty store that handles the design, construction, and maintenance of gardens with the aim of creating a richer life through landscaping techniques through Japanese gardens, etc. Among Japanese garden styles, we specialize in "Izumo style garden", a garden style in the Izumo region that has been passed down to the present age, and continue to research it.
The characteristic of Izumo style gardens is the arrangement of stones, which is the star of the gardens. The Japanese philosophy of stone arrangement dates back to the ancient times and has been passed down from revered iwakura (stones regarded as dwelling places of the gods). What the Japanese people have valued as gods comes out of a reverence for the great nature . Shinto (ethnic religion of the Japanese people)in Japan has been passed down through myths.The Izumo region is well known as the setting for the myths.Gods from all over Japan come to Izumo for discussion of bonding people like marriage in October.So October is called Gods month in Izumo in contrast to the custom of calling the month Non Gods month in the rest of Japan. Izumo has its unique culture including  gardens.The type of Japanese gardens that has long been passed down in the Izumo region is called Izumo style garden. Izumo sytle gardens reflect the times and culture of Japan and has been passed down to modern times. We aim to promote the significance and value of Izumo style gardens around the world.

Company Profile

Company Name Takeda LandscapingCo.,Ltd.
Head Office 402 shimoyokotyou izumoshi shimane 693-0046 japan
Phone Number 0853-28-8282
Fax Number 0853-28-3757
President Kazuhiko Takeda
Permission Shimane Governor (Special, General) No. 5015
(Specific construction industry) Landscaping business
(General construction industry) Civil engineering business
Japanese garden/Izumo-ryu garden/Landscaping and civil engineering/Exterior design and construction/Landscaping work for stores/Product sales for landscaping
Qualification Tree physician / Shimane Prefecture Landscape Advisor / Planting base diagnostician / Landscaping construction key technician / Street Tree Pruner / First-class landscaping construction management engineer / Level 1 Landscaping Technician / Second-class civil engineering construction management engineer / Surveyor / Advanced Landscaping Master / Supervising engineer / Pine Protector / Agricultural improvement extension officer / Pesticide management instructor / Injection chemist / RIKCAD Operation Skills Test First Class / Level 1 exterior planner / Level 2 exterior planner / Block wall doctor / Color Test Level 2 / Welfare and Living Environment Coordinator Level 2 / Rose Concierge
1984 Ministry of Construction Urban Director's Award 
1992 Izumo Mayor's Award
1993 Ministry of Construction Secretary of Construction Award
Other Awards 1996 Shimane Landscape Award Izumo-shi, Kusunoki open space
1997 Shimane Landscape Award Izumo City / Lake Shinji Green Park
Shimane Landscaping Association
Japan Landscape Architecture Association
Japan Tree Medical Association 
NPO Shimane Tree Medical Association 
Japanese Garden Association
History [Founding period ]
■1984 From Tokiwa Farm Head Office (Landscaping Department)
    Transfer of goodwill in the landscaping business
    Therefore independent separation Ministry of Construction Urban Directors Award

[Growth period] 
■1992 Izumo Mayor's Award
■1993 Ministry of Construction Undersecretary of Construction Award
■1994 June Organizational change to Takeda Landscaping Co.,Ltd.
■1995 July Obtained permission for specific construction industry
■1996 Shimane Landscape Award
■1997 Shimane Landscape Award
[Challenge period] 
■2006 Head office relocation
■2012 July Izumo store opened
Phone Number 0853-28-8282


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Izumo Ctiy Tourism


402 shimoyokotyou izumoshi shimane 693-0046 japan