Japanese-English-Spanish interpreting

Interpreting service in Japanese, English and Spanish available via cloud or in person in Tokyo/Tsukuba, Japan
Don't speak Japanese?
You've landed the right page.
Doing business in Japan becomes a lot easier if your message gets across in the local language. Let me handle the language barrier, and you can think and talk the way you would do normally, in your mother tongue.
Profile overview: 
*10+ years of professional experience in the Japanese government (main field: sovereign loan and international disaster response) working with both domestic and international firms as well as governments all over the world.
*Well-acquainted with: AI and machine learning, big data analytics, construction design, infrastructure development and procurement administration in general (road construction, electrical transmission and distribution, water pipeline, bridge, etc.)
*Completed the topmost simultaneous interpretation course of the Simul Academy (the most renowned and leading interpreter training school in Japan) with a certificate in September 2014.
*Fluent in English (TOEIC score: 990) and Spanish (DELE: Superior) and can interpret both consecutively and simultaneously.
*Registered interpreter and coordinator in both English and Spanish languages for JICA training courses offered to overseas government officials. 

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