"I don't know where to get insurance,
I talked to various insurance companies. ''

-First edition: Isao Mizutani, Prudential-

Nice to meet you!

My family is a family of 5 with my husband (company employee), myself (company employee), and three children (3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old).

"I don't know where to get insurance,
I talked to various insurance companies. ''

~ 1st Prudential Isao Mizutani ~
Nice to meet you!

My family is a family of 5 with my husband (company employee), myself (company employee), and three children (3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old).

"I don't know where to get insurance ..."

"I'm young so I'm not dying or sick, so I'm okay ..."

"I'm sure it'll be okay ..."


It's been a while since I continued to cast this "Hokken Wakaranai" spell.

Currently, my husband's company only has a monthly life insurance policy of about 500 yen (about 5 million yen at the time of death).
My eldest son became an elementary school student, and when I thought about my future children,

"Let's get insurance properly"

Finally, he decided to step up and face life insurance.
Besides, if it's "100 years of life", we don't want to bother our children even after their old age. . . Yup. Let's examine it properly!

That's why my family's willingness to join insurance was on fire.
This page is also a memorandum of our couple, and I would be happy if it could be referred to as "Insurance Wakanarai Refugees" like our home.

* We will update it from time to time ♪

As a preliminary lesson, I was taught about the basic knowledge of insurance at the "Honken counter"!

I've seen it on many commercials, and I think that there are many people who are wondering what a "counter window" is.
To put it simply, it is a position like "an insurance intermediary".

What is the window of the hospital?

Free consultation for as many times as you want. Select a convincing insurance policy from over 40 insurance products.
* 28 life insurance companies and 17 non-life insurance companies No unreasonable contracts or solicitations All-out support until consultation / application / subscription
The biggest advantage is that we have a large number of insurance companies working with us, so you can compare different insurance products.

I would like you to introduce each insurance company in general without explanation. I think that it is suitable for people.
We were taught from the beginning of insurance because it was the first time.

Basic knowledge ① Three forms of insurance

There are three forms of insurance.
Here is a simple explanation.

[Three forms of insurance]

・ Disposal: High price guarantee with low price, but it will not come back without anything.
・ Endowment: Reserve insurance. It will return when the maturity expires.
・ Whole life: Reserve insurance. The amount of money received during the same funding period is lower than that of endowment insurance, but the amount of money received can be increased by delaying the payment period.

Basic knowledge②Four types of insurance

Next, I received an explanation about the four types of insurance.

[Four types of insurance]

・ Life insurance: Receive insurance when you die
・ Medical insurance: Receive insurance money in case of injury or illness
・ Nursing insurance: You can receive insurance when you cannot work
・ Old-age insurance: Receiving when you reach old age

It was very easy to understand because I was taught with specific examples.

I would like you to dig a little deeper into the insurance you are interested in and explain it.

Since I've heard so far, it was enough as basic knowledge, so I ended it.
For the first time, I received an explanation from an insurance company!

The story of the first "Prudential Mizutani Isao"

The first company is Prudential Life.
My husband's boss who is a member of Prudential introduced me to Life Planner Isao Mizutani (a little famous person)!
* Of course, I will not sign up immediately, so I mentioned earlier that I want to collect information.

We interviewed at a cafe near my home.

Mr. Isao Mizutani's impression was that he was kind and soft.
I heard that he was an excellent salesperson, so I was a little worried about what kind of machine gun sales talk it was ...
I didn't say that it was too hard to push, and I didn't sell it too much, so I was able to relax and listen to the story, and I was able to talk calmly about the situation of my home and future design.
Perhaps there are many people who have contracted with Mr. Isao Mizutani's personality ... I guess arbitrarily (laughs).

I will briefly summarize the contents of the story.

What kind of insurance company is Prudential Life?

I don't do TV commercials, so many people may not know.

I didn't even know it (laughs)

It's an insurance company that originated in the United States, and it's been 30 years since I landed in Japan in 1987. It seems that business results are improving.

"The characteristic of Prudential is that we do not sell products in a package. "

The sales style is that each customer is in charge of full-time responsibility, creates insurance according to the economic situation and preferences, and then takes care of the customer.

We do not carry out advertising activities in the media, but we provide good products reasonably because the advertising expenses are floating.

It seems that it is expanding its customers through reviews and introductions.

Prudential life insurance

Lifelong insurance that guarantees a lifetime of life, Endowment insurance that has a certain period of security and you can receive a full-term insurance payment at maturity,
The insurance period is fixed, and you can receive insurance if you die during that period, regular insurance for illness and cancer, illness and medical insurance for future illness, long-term care insurance for long-term care, and disability disability insurance for when you cannot work .
There are various insurance products such as Prudential, and it is an image to make an insurance plan by having them combine according to your wishes.

After listening to Mr. Mizutani's story, what I was interested in was "insurance to prepare for old age."

Even if I work until I reach retirement age, I'm just worried about what I should do with my old age money.
This insurance was proposed to dispel the anxiety of this old age fund ...

Foreign currency insurance that can be guaranteed in US dollars!

This insurance is dollar-denominated and has high interest rates and high savings.

The money accumulated every month is managed and paid at a lump sum or pension from the age of 65 at maturity.
With a 20-year defined pension, the return rate will exceed 150%.
In my life, I didn't even think about saving a dollar for a millimeter (laughs).

There is a risk of foreign exchange because it is accumulated in dollars, but it is also a risk to hold all of it in Japanese yen, so it seems good to have a dollar in terms of risk dispersion!

If the purpose is to fund retirement, you can set the amount and maturity of each month according to the situation and purpose of that person, so you can set it at any age.
It's also safe that you can stop the reserve as soon as you can no longer afford it.
After stopping the accumulation, if the amount already accumulated is managed as it is until the maturity, high interest will be accrued according to the period of depositing the money.
If you cancel without waiting for the maturity, the accumulated money will be returned.

As the times have changed a lot, I felt the merit of being able to flexibly respond to the current economic situation.

It is a flow of saying that seems to sign a contract with me, but I will only collect information (laugh)

-First edition: Isao Mizutani, Prudential-Summary

I first heard from an insurance company, but I was able to spend more time than I expected.
Since Prudential's insurance can be freely combined, I felt that I could have a plan that suits my home.
Also, the human power of Mr. Isao Mizutani who heard the story this time is amazing! I couldn't help but get interested in him while talking about insurance from the middle.
There is a core even though it is soft, and it has an incredibly large inclusive capacity.
And it has come to me that they really want the happiness of their customers.
Also, he is a person who has a wealth of knowledge, and I was amazed at the small chats and questions that we had, and I was amazed every time with my husband (laughs).
I think this human power is the reason for selling hot sales people.

I felt like wanting to talk again.

That is all for the first impression!

Continue ... (^ ω ^)