March 21 2019 (Thu) 

Let's have sightseeing experience in Imari!

for international students

Date: March 21 2019 (Thu) 10: 30-19: 00

Place: Imari city, Saga prefecture

Organized by: Specified Nonprofit Corporation STUDENT NETWORK WAN

Cooperated by: Imari machinaka ichibankan

We plan monitor tours to Imari every year. We also consider services such as distributing photos and videos of tourist spots in Imari as free materials via the Internet.

In this year, we will take international students there on March 21st.

It is a monitor tour for thinking good solutions for having many people come from overseas for sightseeing.

Solutions for issues in Imari, for example there isn't so much information translated to English. There aren't also methods for moving to tourist’s destinations. In addition, there are big issues such as correspondence to migration.

We hope we can deal with these solutions.

Time shedule

Meeting time: 8:00

8:30  Left from Nishijin
10:00  Arrival at imari city
10:30  Vacant house touring
13:40-13:55 Bus movement
14:00-14:30 Matsuura ichi Sake Brewery tour / tasting(30min)
14:30-17:20 Going to drone event
17:30-19:30 Imari city touring, program making etc...
19:40 Left from imari
21:00 Arrive at Nishijin 

The city center of IMARI


Specified Nonprofit Corporation 

We support everyone's "I want to try it!"as NPO(Specified Nonprofit Corporation).


We have developed with one desire.That is “Students with the same aspiration who want to create a network can connect beyond the boundaries of the school.Students in this network can use this network to take action to achieve their dreams in a unique way as students.If you come here,what you want to do must will realize with your friends who have goal.

Our aim is to create such a “place” where you can meet students who have an interest in one another.If it's possible, the students can inspire each other and grow together .