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Original Snack From Hokkaido Japan

Management philosophy

We offer deliciousness and safety for healthy happiness.

We treasure ingredients, the gifts from our land
Raise professional to think and act taking the deliciousness and safety of foods as the first priority
And by contributing to creation of Japan’s food culture:
To pursue the health and happiness of all customers and employees.

Longtime best-sellers in Japan

We, the Ikeda Group continue to offer “Hokkaido original snacks” over

A half century with our determination for cherishing the gifts from our land

Original beans snacks
Egg bolos
Fried dough snacks

Do you know this Japanese myth ?

Legend of "SETSU-BUN" 

We believe that holy power is in beans for Japanese.Since accient times. 

And there is a legend which subdued an accident using beans as a weapon the time of the samurai. 

When beans are eaten since that, we feel holy power to enter. 

This myth is the home event which calls "SETSU-BUN", the cold end in February and distributes beans or eats beans in today.

Ikeda quality
Using ingredients from Hokkaido

  • Black beans cultivated under the contract in Hokkaido

  • ”Yumechikara” flour grown in Hokkaido

  • Soft sugar& milk from Hokkaido

  • Starch from Hokkaido

  • Black beans cultivated under the contract in Hokkaido

Original Beans from Hokkaido

Sapporo Black Beans series

Roasted Black beans
Crispy Black beans
Black beans with shrimp-flavor coating
Black beans with soy-sauce and squid-flavor coating

Hokkaido Egg Bolo 
=Started production in 1918=

Hokkaido Milk Bolo
Egg Bolo

" Takumino-aji "
(The taste of the master craftsman)

Peanuts are used

Grilled Squid
Grilled Shrimp
Grilled Sesame
Grilled Soy Sauce

" Kita-mame-sho "

Fiery Cashew Nut  with soy sauce flavoring

Hot curry
Hot Red Pepper
Soft sugar

Original Beans from Hokkaido
"Seafood-flavor series"
(Peanuts are used)

Grilled Squid and Tangle


Grilled Shrimp and Umami Slat


Grilled Salmon and


Scallop with Butter & Soy Source


Hokkaido Milk Fried Dough

Hokkaido Milk taste

Hokkaido Milk Fried Dough.
A sweet snack of the natural taste.

100% of the flour from Hokkaido.

Beet sugar taste

Unrefined sugar taste

The traditional shape is liked at a Japanese market.

Company store in the headquarters
(Sapporo city)

Ikeda Confectionary
since 1948
Hamatsuka Confectionary
since 1950

Brand of Hokkaido

Our starting point is Hokkaido.
Hokkaido is the big island where it's in the Japanese north.

A lot of snow falls in winter here.
The summer is cool, therefore safe vegetables can be harvested by the good taste.

Nature is very important to us. We want you to taste the natural good taste.

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1-3 shiroihiku-chuo Sapporo Hokkaido Japan
TEL +81-11-811-2211
FAX +81-11-811-2214