IDPC Field Program

(1) Summary of the program

  1. Date: From September 14, 2015 to September 20, 2015                                   
  2. Venue: University of the Philippines Manila, local schools and government facilities in the municipality of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija                                                  
  3. Accommodation: Oasis Paco Park Hotel, Belen Street, Paco, Manila *Participants will be staying with families in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija for the Field Program immersion on September 16 and 17.                                     
  4. Participants: Approximately 10 Filipino youth and 20 Japanese youth                                                 
  5. Participation fee: Free for Filipino delegates (Accommodation, food, and transportation for the fieldwork in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija during the program will be provided)                                                                                                  
  6. Partners: Global Peace Youth Philippines, Global Peace Foundation Philippines, Upsilon Sigma Phi, and University of the Philippines Manila Student Council                                                                                         
  7. How to apply: please submit an application form from here (                                                                  
  8. Deadline of application: 23:59 (PST), August 31, 2015

(2) Tentative schedule of Field Program

September 15
・Kickoff session*1 at the University of the Philippines, Manila
・Keynote lecture by UNDP
・Icebreak/Team building
・Briefing on the fieldwork by Global Peace Foundation Philippines

September 16
・Meeting with officials of the municipality of Cabiao
・Field research at the target area
・Creating the first prototypes of solutions

September 17
・Feedback from the local people on the first prototypes
・Field research at the target area
・Creating the second prototypes of solutions

September 18
・Feedback from the local people on the second prototypes
・Field research at the target area
・Creating the third prototypes of solutions
・Cultural exchange event
・Feedback from professionals on the third prototypes
・Preparation for Philippines-Japan Youth Leaders Summit

September 19
・Preparation for Philippines-Japan Youth Leaders Summit
・Philippines-Japan Youth Leaders Summit*2

September 20
・Free time (sightseeing in Manila)
・Departure of Japanese participants

*1 【Tentative Schedule of Kickoff Session】

September 15
14:00 Opening ceremony
14:10 Team building (1)
14:30 Team building (2)
15:10 Keynote lecture by UNDP
16:10 Q&A session
16:25 Short break
16:35 Briefing on the target area by Global Peace Foundation
17:15 Q&A session
17:25 Closing/briefing of upcoming programs (-17:35)

*2 【Tentative Schedule of Philippines-Japan Youth Leaders Summit】

September 19
14:00 World Cafe
14:50 Short break/Reception of the guests
15:00 Opening
15:10 Brief presentation on the outcome of World Cafe
15:40 Short break
15:45 Group presentations
17:00 Closing ceremony (-17:20)

(3) About IDPC

Founded: April, 2008
Constitution: The Organization committee consists of 19 members, undergraduate and graduate students, and workers, have two branch offices in Tokyo and Osaka.
Affiliations of the organizers:
Keio University, Waseda University, Sophia University, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto University (Graduate School), Osaka University, University of Tsukuba (Graduate School), Ministry of Defense of Japan, and Saraya Co Ltd,.
Since its foundation, IDPC have provided various opportunities for youth to learn development studies directly from professionals and experience development planning in Japan, and gathered more than 150 professionals and more than 450 students.
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-Official Website