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International conference
Incubate social entrepreneurship
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Guest speech from a social entrepreneur
IDPC will create a platform for youths who are interested in international development
Field program supervised by an expert

Theme: Make a solution for development issues
in Indonesia

Participants will be divided into 4 or 5 groups(consisting of 3 Japanese students, 2 Indonesian stuends and a facilitator) to make a solution through research and discussion. We will address social issues such environmental problems, education problems and so on. On the last day, each group will do a presentation in front of an expert in the international development field.

Potential Applicants

    • Youths who are interested in International development 
    • Those who want to gain leadership
    • Youths who aspire to solve development issues
    • Univ students who want to eagage with international cooperation in the future.

About IDPC

IDPC (Incubation of Development Project Creators) is a youth­led organization established in 2008 to create a platform for youth who are willing to take a lead in the field of international development. IDPC is run mainly by graduate and undergraduate students and young professionals (19 in total). We have a branch both in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Since founded in 2008, IDPC has held “International Development Planning Contest” every year, in which students and young professionals selected from around Japan create cutting­edge projects on developmental issues in the designated countries.

These opportunities have been provided for more than 500 youths in Japan and with the presences of over 150 professionals which includes Former Regional Director of Asia, UNWFP, Director, UNDP Representative Office in Japan, and Director, Asian Development Bank Tokyo, and a number of senior officers of other UN organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), etc. 

Our aim

  1. Build a firm network among both Indonesian and Japanese Youths who are interested in international development
  • We will build a sustainable network so that participants can utilize it in the future hopefully when they take lead in the field of  international development or international cooperation.
  • We envision to create a platform for youths in east asia and connect each other.
   2. Provide opportunities for participants to embrace diversity or different ways of thinking and acquire extensive knowledge.
  • By broadening knowledge and a way of thinking, participants will enhance thier ability to take lead in this globalized world.
  • Through field work, discussion and lectures, it is certain that participants will be able to acquire fresh knowledge and broaden their horizons.
   3. Elaborate a feasible plan that can bring about change for Indonesia's future
  • participants will make an effort to create a realistic plan that can produce outcomes which will actually add a value to the society, not just to merely satisfy them
  • We will provide opportunities for participants to know what is prerequisite for changing the society as the first step to their future.

About the conference

Name Indonesia-Japan International development Youth forum
schedule 2016/9/13~9/17
venue Lenteng Agun
promoter IDPC
fee Free

Time schedule(for Indonesian participants)

Gathering at UI
: orientation, interact with japanese participants
research and planning
: after field work, participants will create the first prototype of their planning
research and planning

 ・Feedback from the local people on the first prototype
・Field research at the target area
・Creating the second prototypes of solutions

research and planning

 ・Feedback from the local people on the first prototype
・Field research at the target area
・Creating the second prototypes of solutions

planning and preparation for presentation
・final research
・preparation for the final presentation

final presentation and farewell party
・same as above


Aiko  Kurasawa

Prof. Kurasawa received the PhD from PhD, Cornell University and her MA and BA from The University of Tokyo.

At Keio University, she also teaches a course on "Effect of Development Policy and Social Change at Grass-roots Community in Indonesia" where she describes social changes brought by rapid and heavy development policy, taking the case of Indonesia. Her analysis is based on field research in two sites (one urban and another rural) where she has been watching over(?) since 1996. Her course focuses on changes on such aspects such as human relations within a community, flow of information and changes in communication mode, religious piety, life-style etc.


Message from president(IDPC)

Yusuke Mizumoto

Today, our world is facing many difficulties, like environmental issues, poverty issues and so on. It’s us who take responsibility for these issues. We should urgently think about problems around the world on our own and take action to create a sustainable world.

Incubation of Development Project Creators (IDPC) is a youth-led organization established in Japan in 2008, which provides youths an opportunity to discuss, share opinion in the field of international development.

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