Are you looking for somebody who can check if there are some mistakes on your Japanese websites which were created by Auto translation apps or something else?

 Are you looking for somebody who can help you in Japanese when you are in Japan?

Or Do you simply need someone to translate English sentences into Japanese ones?

Great!! I am the one who you are looking for. I am 100 % affordable compared with other translation checking and guide services.

please contact me.

Example Cost for the translation: 100USD~ for 10000 words 

*the cost depends on the requested volume 

Example cost for the guide( In Tokyo area) :2500USD~ for 1 hour



Riku Yagishita

Freelance Translater 

Graduate school of Kyusyu University, Master course

I was born and rased in Yokohama and moved into Fukuoka for going to graduate school( so far I have lived in Fukuoka for more than 3 years).  I am a person who really likes night out but on the contrary, I have researched Japanese culture, Leadership theories , and Politics in the academic field. So, I am sure that I will enjoy together with you during the guiding.