Best memories in Bali

2018 June
special thanks everybody 

Mt.Agung with Lake Batur
there is sooooo strong nature’s power!!!
A human being is a small creature if I compare it with Nature

Brilliant Summer!


Balinese ceremony 


Special Offerings for ceremony
barbecue of the whole pig

Balinese priest healer Mr.Arka

He told me surprised things when we meet every time so his session is exited&healed me.

“Balinese formal dress”

we had special time!! 
Thank you for my friend.

Wonderful local experience 

Thank U for kindness guide us.
He speaks Japanese &English well.
His guide friendly&helpful,so good time spend my Bali days.

Temples with offering

Besakih temple
maybe I used to live here in my past world.

Structures soooo majestic.

Banyan tree feel sooo holy. 

Is there any Tinker Bell?

Purification place
we had clean up my energy.


Written by Tara