About us

Our goal is to ensure the success of attractive products from overseas in Japan.
We are a team of experts in their respective fields, and we draw on their many years of experience to do so.
The Japanese market is in a unique form. We have found that many foreign manufacturers of attractive products have made significant up-front investments, but I know of a number of cases where they left the Japanese market without anyone knowing about it.
We established this company to thank the makers of great products and to give back to them.


Branding and then selling it in the marketplace.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to let your Japanese customers know how great your products are.
If they don't know about it, it doesn't matter how attractive it is, it won't succeed.
The way to do this is to launch your product through crowdfunding.
This method has been gaining a lot of attention in Japan in recent years, and it's a great way to get media attention.
We can also do some test marketing, which has a number of advantages.
Crowdfunding projects, such as advertising, LPs, customer relations, delivery, etc. We can do everything for you. We will bear all the costs as well.
Enter the market of 150 million people in Japan.
We'll make it work.

What we can do

We can launch your items through a crowdfunding page.

We make a Japanese page of a project page and get ready to start a campaign.
are perfect to promote products.
※Especially, Makuake is the biggest crowd funding site in Japan.
EC site
Online sales, including

・the company's own online site  etc…


Major Japanese retailers such as Tokyo Hands,
Bic Camera,
Yodobashi Camera and Don Quixote etc...

as well as online store.
We choose ads that match your target audience and use our experience to operate them effectively.
We make public notices such as crowdfunding platformads,
SNS ads(Facebook,Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc),
listing ads,
press releases.
Customer management
Management of customer.
We handle customer inquiry, claim as well as delivering, return, exchange of products.
EC site
Online sales, including

・the company's own online site  etc…


address:  51, Higashisakuragi-cho, Toyokawa-shi,Aichi 442-0028
Email:     info@happytrading-m.com


Yamaguchi Moe