We are a distributor in Japan
 Benefits of the Japanese market  

-a market of 120 million people(Russia: 140 million)
-5th largest coffee consumer per capita in the world
If you can enter the Japanese market, you can get a lot of people to buy your products!
Japan is a unique market compared to other countries.
Many new entrants try to enter this market at great cost.
Despite the fact that the products are very appealing and are made with a lot of thought and care, they are
No one knows about it, and they will leave.
Without specialized knowledge and strategic know-how, entering the Japanese market is not so easy. There is no such thing.
We've seen many such companies and products.

We know the Japanese market inside and out.
We are able to effectively utilize the know-how and strategies we have developed over the years to bring your products to the Japanese market.
We ensure a successful entry and increase sales.
We are a team of experts in our respective fields.

Branding and then bringing it to market.

Why have we been able to achieve so much?
It's because we've been able to brand ourselves through crowdfunding and get the attention of the media and our customers in Japan Because we put it on the market.
We believe that the way to get a solid profit in the Japanese market is to brand and then market I believe it is.
Improving awareness and gaining some recognition from the media and customers before bringing it to market is a smooth way to do so. You can sell them.

By launching through crowdfunding.
You can promote your products and raise awareness while raising funds.
In recent years, crowdfunding has gained a lot of attention from the media and is a new marketing tool.

Major crowdfunding sites

We are a company that deals in attractive coffee-related products from abroad.
To ensure sales in the unique Japanese market, we work with a team of experts in their respective fields and use the know-how and strategies we have developed over the years to market our products effectively.
We love products made with care by their makers, and we pledge to do everything we can to help them and their creators!


Yamaguchi Moe
I love coffee and one day I realized that the only reason I can make coffee is because of the creator. I realized the obvious. I thought hard about how I could use my knowledge and expertise in merchandising to help those people. I also want to give back to the makers of these fascinating coffee products from overseas... I want creator to be happy. This is the reason why I established this company. At first, I made a lot of achievements by myself, and now I'm working on photo and video production, LP production, advertising, and more. We work as a team with experts in a variety of fields, including
Breaking into the Japanese market is not an easy task, but with our marketing skills, we can make it happen. You can dramatically increase your sales to Let's become a partner.

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