support to get Japanese translation of foreign drive’s license 

Driving in japan with a foreign drive's license

For the travelers have the drive’s license issued in these countries;
Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco, Estonia and Taiwan.

Document required

  • Application form for Japanese Translation of foreign driver’s license
  • clear photocopies of the front and back of the license
  • clear photocopies of the front and back of the license

email me the following items

let me know the following items

a)Applicant's name
b)Applicant's address in Japan (where you stay)
c)Phone number (home,office,mobile)
d)Issuing country of your drive's license
e)Full color photocopy/scan of your driver's license FRONT AND BACK (PDF)


I'll contact JAF behalf of you, from FUKUOKA, JAPAN.

Please contact me before your trip to Japan,as soon as possible you decide your trip...

JAF announces, it takes 1-2 weeks to issue the Japanese translation of drive's license.
and I'll send it where you live BY EMS POSTAL MAIL.

so you contact me with plenty of time.

FEE 22000JPY

I'll send the PayPal invoice.  

including below 
  • 3000JPY for the JAF official translation fee 
  •  600JPY for the postage (domestic)
  •  16200JPY hanatoiro's service fee 
  •  2200JPY for EMS postal fee 
Feel free to contact me
Have a nice trip!