Sharing Kitchen Hanare-ya

Feel the power of FOOD and design your Lifestyle

Having dishes together makes us be close. If the food was better for our health, we'd be happier.
Why don't you come to my kitchen to have home made dishes together.
Let’s cook together!

1. Japanese home made meal
private cooking lesson for tourists
Please book through airkitchen site.

Set meal of Nikujaga

Let’s cook tougher NIKUJAGA, a Japanese dish of meat, potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce and vegetables.
You can also enjoy some other dishes.

Set Meal of Ginger fried-pork.

Let’s cook together
Sautéd pork dressed with based soy sauce ginger.Seasonal side dish such as dressed vegetables with tofu.Miso soup, Pickles, and Rice.


Set meal of Gyoza

Let’s cook together Gyoza, Japanese dumplings, seasonal vegetable dish, such as fried vegetable, and soup.


Home made Croquette

Let’s cook together home made Pumpkin croquette and Miso soup, rice, seasonal dish, and pickles.


set meal of Tonjiru, which is Miso soup with pork.

Tonjiru, which is Miso soup with pork white radish, carrots, sweetpotatoes, Konnyaku, and Gobou. This is one of the most popular Miso soup in Japan,
Salt- grilled salmon, seasonal small dishes, pickles and rice.


2. Feel of the power of FOOD and
Design your lifestyle keeping your gut healthy.

Power up green smoothie trial

You can try special green smoothie here since we use some super food which keeps power higher and longer in green smoothie.

Morning party

You can try the way to have breakfast which helps us keep to be healthy having many fruits and vegetables.

Natural yeast bread party

Have you ever bake Natural yeast breads?
You don't know how to handle Natural yeast dough? 
Let's bake together, you will be surprised at the special taset.

3. Power up your gut in order to
design your lifestyle

Performance improvement lunch

You can experinet new feeling through my lunch using good stuff for your intestines.

One day internal cleansing CAMP

Why don’t you try the experiments you’ve never had?

Taking good food for your intestines for 12hours!

Improve your intensities lesson

Change your lunch to the one improve your performances. Using special seasoning or things helps your intestines work.

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You can have only your special time here in Tokyo.