We want to create connection through fementation

Hakko-hub holds workshop and event to share "special experience"

By participating as creators,participants had felt just like maturing petsand like time-capsules where they could remember about other participants everytime they sees fermentations.

Remember the connections made at workshop and the days of past.
Would you like to participate in Hakko-hub to feel the connections within you?

Draw as you wishes

Many times I was asked “Who did you start ferment workshop?”

That is because I was saved by fermentations in the past

When I started to work in company,

I had always felt loneliness.

There was always a gap between a dream and reality of the work and private life.

Then, there was turning point when I had met a friend who had introduced me to a fermenter’s workshop. There, I was delighted with the place to “draw future as I liked”.

I want to create a time through fermentation where everyone could talk about their issues and dreams regardless of their backgrounds.


Our particular to ingredients 

We choose ingredients by the makers.

Who at where is making ingredients and what they are wishing for.

By knowing their wishes, we started to take fermentations with a cherish.

There's always an history behind the makers.

History of ingredients, the microbes of space and you, all connects with chance and it starts your own fermentation.

workshop information

Fermented rice bran bed

Our fermented rice bran bed was prepared a year ago with 4 year old niece.

Please experience the connection and creation of your fermented rice bran bed with a warm memory as a start.


Sauerkraut is a German fermented food.

It is thought as pickled in vinegar, ingredients are only cabbage and salt.

Prepare with everyone and it makes a speciality.

Lactic acid bacteria Pickles

It is our original recipe.

We create with Terada Honke’s shiogama (salt-marinated rice malt) .

Soft sourness is very addictive.

Lactic acid bacteria Pickles

It is our original recipe.

We create with Terada Honke’s shiogama (salt-marinated rice malt) .

Soft sourness is very addictive.


Makiyo Obata

Born in countryside of Kurashiki city of Okayama.

The first meeting with fermentation was in the school days spend with great aunt. Great aunt had always blended fermented rice bran bed with joy and had created soft taste rice-bran paste pickles.

With the start of busy work as a technical expert of manufacturer, there was always a vague worries towards future.

In that time, with reading fermenter’s article, I started to create fermentations at home.By starting fermentation on own, I got into the feeling of the heart melting with nature and the feeling just like maturing pets.

I want to share the charms of fermentation with the people I meet. May the connection at Hakko-hub be a great one of your life.

Granted a fermentation master at year 2019

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