Seasoning for the Oysters Cooked Rice

Jointly Developed by sister cities MIYAKO (Iwate Pref.) & KUROISHI(Aomori Pref.)
Marutomo Shimaka in Iwate Pref. and a restaurant MIYUKI in Aomori Pref. jointly developedthe product as an achievement of the regional activation program. They had to spend twoyears to get it done. Using bamboo shoots & oysters from the sister cities and the MIYUKI'sspecially blended broth, it became a premium product from the TOHOKU.
MIYAKO Oysters & "Nemagari" Banboo Shoots

The ingredients of the seasoning are oysters from MIYAKO and bamboo shoots fromKUROISHI. Marutomo Shimaka has been providing premium oysters cultivated in theMIYAKO area in Iwate Prefecture. Mr. Murakami, a restaurant owner in Aomori Prefecture,is the supplier of the bamboo shoot very hard to come by.The bamboo shoot is crunchy andhas a good flavor, and that is very appealing to the people living there. People need to godeep into the forest to get some of them but have to run a risk to come across wild bears.
The oysters cultivated in the MIYAKO bay are rich in taste and large in sizes. TsugaruIshikawa river and Hei river run into MIYAKO bay and provide nourishment and mineralsfrom the forest to the oysters.
Oysters Cooked Rice

Please put the seasoning into your rice cooker and wait for it gets done. It is easy as that.
You can enjoy crunchy bamboo shoots and the rich taste of oysters all year round.
We provide MIYAKO Oysters as an ingredient for the seasoning product. The oysterscultivated in the MIYAKO bay are plumpy, large, and rich in taste. As mentioned earlier, theTsugaru Ishikawa river and the Hei river run into MIYAKO bay and bring nourishment andminerals from the forest to the estuary of the bay. Clean seawater with abundant planktonflows into the bay as well and help the oysters grow more than 130g per piece.


1. Please use Japonica rice, if possible.
2. You might want to serve it with miso soup and a side of pickle.
3. If you liked it, please buy it again!