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- Consulting Support For Companies Advancing Globally -

We will link the trading market to the Middle East (countries of oil royalty), America, Australia, Japan and EU.

Connecting your business and the world, Become a new developing business owner.
We fully support globally advancing businesses, regardless of the business genre or industry.

For our clients including managers, entrepreneurs, companies and other clients, who have a strong global awareness towards trying foreign businesses, we support management and exchanges of buying and selling of high expenses with foreign corporations, overseas investors, and international buyers. Support is also available for managers who wish to remain in the local field while advancing to overseas markets.

  • We will support your business globally.
  • We have the project team with expertise, international lawyers, international accountants, investors and buyers.
  • Please let us know at any request other than the contents below.
  • We have been looking for professional business partners for each industry.

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From this site administrator

We would like to thank you for accessing this website.

Similar information and business models are circulated in many countries of the world surrounded by a sense of political and economic stagnation, so that we have faced difficulty in find out new opportunities to “follow the road someone has traveled again”. It is not easy to make profits by relying solely on domestic market because it is difficult to find out big business needs on it.

Yet, we will see many buyers and investors outside Japan if we focus our eyes on other countries. Therefore, our group helps your company to realize the global expansion of your business by arranging necessary people and places in a right place like the pieces of a puzzle through the support to expand the current or future business of yours globally. 

It is fully possible to get new market access exclusively by making use of current business model in Japan because there are business opportunities outside Japan into which no company has stepped in places where major media have failed to cover. It is possible to change seemingly “unrelated” business content of yours into new business by combining it with our agenda.

Yet, it is likely that you would run into many problems if you begin a new business outside Japan. We expect that the majority are facing a variety of troubles such as “We can't figure out international market conditions and security situations,” “We can't find out business partners,” “There is no enough money,” and “We can't figure out laws and procedures.” We support the expansion of your business projects through the examination of  your requests on current problems and foreign companies.

We are conducting each consultation with our clients with time and care.
So please feel free to consult us. We are glad to be your long-term business partner.

Business Summary


☑ Looking for investment projects for state-of-the-art technology science and medical industry.
☑ Supporting global development so that you can contribute to the next generation of societies worldwide.

☑ Assistance to research and development institutions for which government budget was not available.
☑ Accept investment, finance and fund procurement, accept business plan assembly and consulting.
☑ Substantial business expansion support for projects already in operation.
☑ Support matching with market needs in each region of the world.
☑ Overseas projects are welcome.

We offer fundraising and investment for corporations and entrepreneurs seeking to launch the rollout of high-valued businesses.

Amidst ongoing recessionary economies worldwide, it is not easy to obtain financing for large sums of investment from financial institutions or investors.

One key reason why investors decline to these ventures is because the nature of the business does not match the investor’s needs; because the growth plan for the business does not match the market, meaning it will struggle to develop revenue; or because the business plan itself is lacking.

Our group of companies offers investing support with consulting, allowing us to match the needs of investors (venture capitalists, funds, institutional investors, royal banks, individual investors, etc.) with those of corporations and entrepreneurs seeking funding for their projects.

In addition to offering financial support, we help secure buyers for you on a global level, carve out new markets, achieve capital investment and development funding for the various stages of your business, and more. We are in a position to proactively drive the growth of your firm.

We offer support for projects and businesses of all types in Japan and overseas, but we prioritize working with technology firms engaged in creating tomorrow’s world.

We set specific frameworks for those eligible for investment, so there may be cases where we cannot assist you. However, if you have an exclusive niche in a high-value business, are seeking additional funding to expand your business, or have ties to projects, organizations, or researchers engaged in the above, do not hesitate to contact us.


☑ Outsource business management to the world's largest management group.
☑ Ensure maximum profit of founders and solve management problems of their company smoothly.
☑ Inherit the company's technology, scheme, know-how etc. to the next generation.
☑ Support for establishing overseas enterprises of related corporations.
☑ Corporate tax, etc., tax saving support.
☑ Funding for further expansion of business and support for oversea market matching.​

We offer M&A support for foreign investment from overseas businesses. M&A, as you know, refers to mergers & acquisitions.

M&A can take the form of a share transfer, business transfer, third party allocation of shares, share swap, share succession, merger, MBO, company spin-off, and more. M&A is utilized to cope with aging executives, a lack of successors, changes to the business climate, and more.

The comprehensive benefits afforded to the selling firm include: rapidly resolving corporate succession issues, retaining benefits for the founder and ensuring a happy retirement (securing ample assets to lead a rich retirement life), securing assets to launch a new business, using a new manager to launch a new business, using an IPO to obtain double benefits to the founder, selling off a non-core business to focus assets on the central business, hedging against financial downsides while maintaining a roster of personnel and ongoing transactions, and more.

Launching an M&A requires a range of processes performed before the fact: calculating the value of the company and its businesses, due diligence, evaluating the likelihood of a successful merger, offering a round of stock, obtaining consulting on corporate rehabilitation, and more. Our team of M&A experts draw on their global expertise and the latest industry knowledge to carefully work with you and fully achieve an efficient M&A transaction.

If you lack expertise in M&A, do not have the funding domestically, or cannot find a roster of management to handle the business, this service is for you.

Overseas IPOs(Listing a stock)

☑ Support global development of next-generation technology projects such as technology and medical care.
☑ Significantly expand overseas trading companies.
☑ Support for high-level business financing accompanying listing overseas markets.
☑ Consultation by leading team of experts, including rebuilding expenses until listing.
☑ Improve the international brand power of their business projects.
☑ Ensure competitive monopoly in world markets.

We support overseas initial public offerings (IPO) for companies with a global outlook that manage new projects for the development of next-generation technology and overseas expansion.

The main market on which you would list is the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. AIM was established in 1995 and is geared at new ventures. The greatest benefit to an IPO in the AIM market is the more lax regulations associated with listing. This makes it possible for companies that have just started growing or SMEs in the red to go on the market.

When listing on other markets, one must meet certain thresholds like a certain total equity, market capitalization, good financial statements, a given number of years in business as a going concern, and a minimum share offer and shareholders. In the AIM market, there are no structural regulations of this sort in place, so these are waived.

However, there are particular hurdles associated with the AIM market when making a public offering, so traditional techniques can inhibit an IPO. This calls for large investment in legal fees for international lawyers, global auditing firms specializing in IPOs, and linguistic abilities and presentation skills in order to obtain authorization for the IPO.

Our team has proven expertise in overseas transactions and IPOs and has a dedicated budget to assist with consulting on your IPO. In the event of a successful IPO, we help you grow a wider range of clients in the EU, Middle East, and around the world as your brand recognition increases markedly. In addition to the IPO, we can simultaneously assist in raising high-value sums of funding.

This service is not offered to a select industry, but the best match is technology firms. Naturally, we also support the content industries (anime, games, etc.) While this applies to all regions, we would note that Japanese technology in this area boasts significant branding potential.

We offer you thoroughgoing support, so you need not have expertise or experience in IPOs. If you are considering expanding your brand or business globally, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buying &Selling and Development: Luxury Hotels, Commercial Facilities, and Energy Facilities etc

☑ Purchase the world's largest commercial property.
☑ Support overseas expansion of large amusement theme park facilities.
☑ Support for improving yields due to remodeling & renovation.
☑ Development & investment support for resort district, 7-star hotel.
☑ Sell off profitable real estate in off-market.​

We support projects for the change of owner or high-value sale of commercial real estate in Japan and overseas.

With fluctuating exchange rates, retaining assets valued only in one’s own currency exposes one to exchange risk, so there is an active trade in real estate overseas in order to diversify portfolios.

Whether your local currency is currently strong or weak, we offer one-stop support for the purchase and sale of property so as to protect your assets to the fullest. We partner with the only real estate operator with a global rating, allowing us to rapidly assist with the purchase, sale, and contractual negotiations for properties not listed to the public.

The principal properties we work with are condominiums, highrise apartments, resort hotels, golf courses, hospitals, commercial facilities, power plants, and leisure facilities. We support their sale to new owners, development through new investment, construction, acquisition of new ownership rights, and the creation of amusement parks overseas (large-scale leisure facilities and theme parks). If you are a corporation or business owner considering rolling out a new business in a resort area, we can jointly partner with you

Further, if you are searching for a new owner for a piece of real estate or want to buy or sell a high-value property, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Overseas Real Estate Investment/Asset Management/Tax Measures of Income Tax and Corporate Tax/Long-Term Stay Abroad Travel/Overseas Migration/Business Investor Visa & Permanent Residence Acquisition

☑ Safety asset management support using overseas luxury hotel properties.
☑ Support asset maintenance measures against sudden foreign exchange fluctuations in your country.
☑ Obtain overseas real estate ownership rights & give after-sales service.
☑ In overseas resort areas, long-term / short-term residence relocation available.
☑ Fully outsource real estate management.
☑ Tax measures for income tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax, etc. of wealthy and affluent people.​

We provide support for investment in member-exclusive real estate properties in resort territories like Hawaii in the USA, Australia’s Gold Coast, and Okinawa in Japan, the use of long-term overseas travel and properties for inheritance tax schemes, as well as moves overseas, and obtaining of business investor visas and permanent residency.

Investing in real estate overseas enables you to hedge your assets against both the over- and under-valuation of your local currency and effectively utilize your assets.

We have developed a range of schema for the operation of stably profitable real estate overseas, something not found anywhere else. Whether you are a single owner or will be purchasing a property through multiple owners, we can assist you in easily registering your business and obtaining ownership rights. These properties are largely hotels, condominiums, highrise apartments, and other profitable commercial facilities and hotels in international resort destinations.

You are welcome to set the dividends, time period to receive them, and the intended date of self-off in advance, renting out the property to other clients and obtaining rent from them, or you can use the property yourself for your business. These and other uses are welcome. If you wish to become a temporary owner (thereby obtaining temporary benefits), this is also not a problem. These properties are operated at close to 100% occupancy year-round, so you will enjoy solid benefits. By entrusting the operation and management of properties to professionals, you do not need specialized knowledge of this field.

Using these properties in Hawaii, Okinawa, and elsewhere enables long-term stays, moves overseas, obtaining of business investor visas, and permanent residency.

You may have various concerns if you plan to live overseas for a long period or permanently, or if you do not speak English. We can support you in your native language and alleviate these problems. In recent years, many people are choosing to live overseas in order to enjoy benefits like robust medical services, corporate training, a second career or opportunities after retirement, stable use of severance, pension, and stocks, repay mortgages, send children to study abroad, undertake long-term care, pursue anti-aging, educate their children, and more.

Furthermore, purchasing a piece of property also enables you to enjoy certain tax benefits (reductions in income tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax, etc.) We discuss closely with the owner in order to determine what scheme to use. This service is particularly well-suited to the affluent.

We are soliciting persons seeking to operate facilities like hotels, condominiums, boardinghouses, sweets manufacturers and wholesalers, hair salons, kindergartens, and other businesses in Australia.

If you have surplus capital or are interested in becoming the owner of such a property, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Utilizing American Life Insurance & Individual Pension, Inheritance & Donation Taxation

☑ Consultation on family asset plan assembly over medium to long term.
☑ Tax countermeasure support for government's tax increase policy such as inheritance tax & gift tax.
☑ You can enjoy several benefits not found in your country's pension & insurance system.
☑ We propose the optimum plan according to the needs of each wealthy class, asset owner, high income business owner.

Use of American life insurance allows you to reduce inheritance and gift tax to below 50% (increasing your payout by 2-3 times).

This service is ideal for the global affluent, investors, and high-income persons who wish to defray disadvantages posed by an increase in the inheritance tax rate in their respective countries. For example, if you intend to bequeath assets to someone in Japan, the inheritance tax rate is quite high. The Japanese inheritance tax rate is considerably higher than that in other countries, so it is ideal to craft a strategy in advance.

Compared to that offered in other countries, insurance in the USA offers notable benefits. For example, one can enroll in plans in late life, they come with good interest rates or low premiums, they have no associated tax, the requirements for enrollment are lax (one can have preexisting conditions), insurance cannot be collected by creditors, the recipient can be someone other than one’s family, the insurance offers payouts of several hundred million JPY, the insurance is internationally AA or higher rated, the plan allows for loans or partial withdrawal, insurance bonds can be used for financing, and more.

While life insurance is generally interpreted as a “death benefit,”that is, insurance premiums paid by a family member multiply in the form of damages upon death, it can also be used in the form of a “risk benefit”in order to obtain functional cash benefits while still alive.

In recent years, there is growing demand for insurance offering both of these benefits. It can be used not only to hedge against inheritance tax, but to prepare a post-retirement plan, allocate funding for your children’s education, pay back a mortgage, and more.

Furthermore, people enroll in, in addition to life insurance, individual pensions in order to lead a richer post-retirement life. The payouts one is entitled to are guaranteed for life; creating a clear plan entitles one to a range of benefits.

The benefits afforded by individual pension schemes in the USA are as follows: some products contain guarantees against the capital, have higher interest than periodic deposits in a bank account, provide a greater tax deferment, ensure concrete future gains (and time periods associated with them), allow for selecting the means of payout, do not require health screenings, can be withdrawn from without penalties, can be paid out within under a year of enrollment, include death insurance, and more.

Combining American life insurance and individual pensions in this way allows for creating a long-term asset plan for your family.

We work with the applicant to learn about his or her circumstances and create the best plan to leave a maximum amount of assets to one’s children and grandchildren.

We are also interested in partnering with tax preparers and accountants engaged in the operation of assets and tax hedging schemes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: if inheritance tax and gift tax are high in your country, you are encouraged to use this service (not only applicable to Japan).

Buying and Selling: Impressionist Paintings, High Class Art, and Personal Properties etc (We can exhibit at Sotheby's.)

☑ Purchase of Impressionist paintings by worldwide ranked asset owners.
☑ Support for sale of specialty high grade arts & movables.
☑ Selling beyond appraisal value may be possible.
☑ Available to the world's largest auction Sotheby's.
☑ Petroleum royalty in the Middle East purchases.

We take on projects for the change of owner of impressionist artwork, high-value fine art, and high-value assets.

The trade of high-value fine art continues to thrive worldwide. This is because, in addition to collectors of fine art and property, global investors and the affluent are seeking to move their wealth into non-currency assets amidst an uncertain economy.

While the change of ownership of fine art and personal assets may appear simple at first blush, it actually poses numerous hurdles. For example, if selling your asset to an overseas collector, it must be held and inspected at a customs house specified by international regulations, with certificates and warranties of its authenticity made. In addition, specific steps must be taken in order to establish a record of the transaction both domestically and overseas such that the taxes and duties are not borne by the original owner.

Using Japan as a specific example, there are many buyers of fine art in Japan who, during Japan’s economic boom times, paid 2-3 times its appraised value at auction for tax structuring purposes. However, many of these buyers have failed to find new buyers for their assets, and they do not have experience selling them to overseas buyers, so even famed Japanese works of art remain stuck without new owners.

We already work with royalty, collectors, and buyers in Qatar, the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), and elsewhere, with a portfolio of various works. We are equipped to support the rapid sale of your assets. Among these collectors is a famed billionaire who has consistently ranked in fourth place among the global billionaires. This person is actively seeking impressionist art.

We can also support transacting at the world’s largest auction houses, where the global affluent congregate. Your projects will be handled by a representative known for selling a noted painting at auction for its highest value on record. Do not hesitate to leave the slightest issue in our hands. While this is determined on a case-by-case basis, this may be a chance to sell your assets for much more than their current or appraised value.

We offer you the finest in advice and consultation on the attendant procedures, understanding of the law, suitable pricing for the transaction, and matching you with collectors and buyers.

If you are in possession of fine art and seeking a change of owner or are an auditor, accounting firm, legal firm, or other entity with a portfolio of such clients, or if you retain such information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introduction of Soil Cement Hardener (Construction period and cost can be cut from 1/2 to 1/3)

☑ Reduce cost and construction term by 50%.
☑ Japan's major general contractor group has over the years developed using the world's most advanced technology.
☑ OEM supply possible with worldwide soil research results.
☑ Fast and precise infrastructure maintenance support.
☑ Introduction guidance and dispatch of engineer to field.
☑ Sludge, seawater and desert sand are also consolidated (only in the world).

With experience visiting and providing guidance in over 120 countries, our group of major general contractors and first-class architects has—following years of gathering proof from experiment after experiment on countless superior hardeners from around the world—developed and implemented the next generation cutting-edge technology.

Anywhere in the world, we can be a force for those in need when it comes to public works, building design and construction, general construction, paving, structure relocation, post foundations, soft ground and roadbed strengthening, agriculture, concrete blocks, unbaked bricks, roof tile mold production, processing of fish reef waste sludge and slime solidification, solidification of combustion industry waste for mortaring, and earthquake disaster recovery.

Some examples of appropriate applications include roads (private and public); dams; airports; highways; bridges; tunnels; railroads; water and sewer services; factories; warehouses; military bases; parking lots; fishponds; tennis courts; golf courses; road surface dressings for household use; harbor passages; transit sheds, farm roads, pastures, barns, and indoor flooring for agricultural products; horse race tracks (paddocks) and cycling race tracks, green promenades in public parks, cycling roads, compost beds, fish market flooring, etc.

It can be used as a roadbed to effectively improve a location’s soil. Furthermore, it can definitely be directly mixed with gravel and sand as well as even volcanic ash, mountain sand, mud, sandy mud, clay, and soil containing organic matter. In addition, in contains no toxic substances, so lawns will not be killed and will grow, and it will suppress radioactivity even if it does not rain. Moreover, it has features such as minimal expansion and contraction, frost-heave resistance, and acid resistance.

It is strong enough that it clears 50kg/cm^2 in 3 days, thus allowing for construction costs and time to be reduced by more than half. The most important point is that this soil cement hardener can "utilize soil, sand and stone at the site as it is".Essentially, expensive gravel which must be purchased from the outside for construction will be unnecessary at all. 

Trial samples are ready before official implementation, and the technicians we dispatch to the site can provide guidance in Japanese, English, and Chinese. (We have experience with public agencies in Japan as well as foreign governmental bodies.)

Introduction of Automatic High-Value Payment System for Credit Card (More than $1,000,000 per month OK)

☑ Supports a high credit card settlement such as 1 million dollar substitution.
☑ Support for the introduction of smart corporate online payment new system that can pass anywhere in the world.

☑ Corporate account required for card payment can be borrowed.​

We enable you to implement a payment system that allows for using existing credit cards to achieve high-value payment processing and automated monthly and yearly payments, something not available with other firms.

We also offer support for specific services, industries, and schema for payment not found with other firms. In addition, the card limit can be raised to offer support for high-value payments associated with consulting fees, franchising fees, purchase of real estate, global transactions, import/export, and corporate LC payment. Naturally, we are equipped to support foreign currencies.

Our payments processing system comprises nine of the latest payment systems. Business operators seeking to deploy this system in their business can smoothly add support for payment by credit card. Our systems offer an integrated suite of functionality that includes calendar integration to display payment date, error undoing and payment refunds, login functionality that prevents unauthorized use, blacklisting select users, automatically sending payment receipts to specific e-mail addresses, recurring fee collection, payment by e-mail, storing login information, and more.

We develop and provide you with the best plan for your needs and allow you to get up and running in a short time.

In terms of payment, we offer a range of next-generation payment process infrastructure like in-store payment, web-based payment, recurring fee collection, e-mail payment, mobile payment, smartphone payment, and more. We deploy an advanced infrastructure that integrates with a range of financial institutions, so personal information is stored in a secure fashion and revenue and accounting data can be managed in an integrated manner. 

If you are a corporation of business operator considering implementing credit card processing for high-value transactions, do not hesitate to consult with us.

Introduction of Leading Edge Medical Technology and Medical Treatment Systems(Recovery of cancer and infertility, Excluding Japan)

☑ Support introduction of the world's most advanced treatment system to overseas government & medical corporation organization.
☑ Contribution to build a global medical network.
☑ Cure cancer patients, infertile women at one time.

☑ Medical tourism planning possible.​

We support the implementation of leading medical technologies and treatment systems.

We are equipped to offer the latest cancer treatment systems, infertility centers open on a membership basis, and other medical facilities globally.

An example of what we can provide with this service would be supporting the development and/or implementation at existing hospitals and medical facilities of groundbreaking next-generation technologies for one-time DNA-level cancer treatment that does not subject the patient to side effects from radiation and prevents relapse of cancer.

For this project, we worked with an investment group in California (shareholders in an R&D project for the development of next-generation medicine) that had spent eight years and considerable expense towards the creation of this technology. The project caused a global sensation and contributed to the advance of medicine.

If you are affiliated with an overseas medical technology lab, a university research lab, a university hospital, or a government administration, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This business excludes Japan and is limited to overseas projects.

Matching with World Famous Companies / Expansion of Trading Market of Trading Items & Technology / Establishment and Relocation of Corporations for Overseas(Income Tax & Corporate Tax zero OK, Middle East, EU, USA, Australia etc.)

☑ Support global trade development of your technology, materials and trade items that can contribute to the world market.
☑ Excavate buyers and support global matching for your trade deals.
☑ Looking for export and import desired trade items.
☑ Mainly developing oil-royalty countries in the Middle East, USA, Australia, the EU, Japan.​

We offer overseas export support for the logistics of exported articles, technologies, and materials.

We are able to assist with the overseas expansion of your business into places like the USA, Australia, Asia, the EU, Qatar, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Monaco, and elsewhere, and match you with buyers and clients in each region equipped to engage in ongoing relationships with you.

If you wish to engage in the global import/export of niche goods, technology, or raw materials, or if you want to launch your brand overseas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support for Oversea Government & Corporate Management / Development of New Business / Acceptance of Other Requests

☑ Hearing for problem solving in overseas government & corporate organization.
☑ Solution support for client's needs of experts such as audit corporations and accounting offices.
☑ Develop a high revenue business model by presenting a specific private company name and government organization name.
☑ Acceptance of joint management request.
☑ We accept comprehensively other business problems and requests, and support.​​

Whether the client is domestic, overseas, public, or private, and regardless of the industry, we assist in high-value transactions for the range of business issues you may face.

For example, we are equipped to support a range of corporate issues like overseas expansion, creating new transaction opportunities overseas, opening bank accounts overseas, renting a virtual office overseas, operating an office in proxy overseas, securing local partnerships overseas, securing a visa and residency eligibility, handling corporate and income tax, market research and reporting, researching the viability of a business, creating presentation materials, crafting an international business model, launching press releases to major global news outlets, launching PR activities in overseas markets, and more, as well as issues faced by accountancies and auditing firms.

Even if you face issues posed by a lack of experience or expertise, or if you have an issue that cannot be resolved within your country, it may be easily solvable overseas. Our company, as well as the joint venture partners with whom we collaborate, are here to offer business matching for your needs.

For large-scale cases, we leverage a specialized project team that includes Japanese staff to support the successful execution of your project. In addition to per-project and per-issue support, if you concretely describe the corporation, government organ, or other institution with which you plan to work, we can present you with a range of global profit schemes.

We are also equipped to directly support the governments of various countries. If you have needs in terms of infrastructure, environmental concerns, defense, health and medicine, leading technology, securing assets, import/export, and more, we devise strategies tied to the needs of your local region and assist you in successfully meeting your goals.

If you have visited this page and have various issues surrounding the management of your company, or if you are affiliated with the government (politician, secretary, ambassador, minister, local public servant, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us.

※ If you would like to receive support on the above business contents, please feel free to contact us.
​We can also accept requests from your acquaintances, clients and business partners.
■Other, please let us know if there are expensive transactions or abstract business problems that are not listed in the above. We may be able to support projects that other companies can not deal with.
■In addition, if you have strong connection routes (government organization, private enterprise etc.), we will present you new business models and methods of generating high revenue towards overseas business expansion of target organizations. Let's work, including introducer.

Business Partners & Clients Wanted !

The following people, welcome!​

★ Those who want to earn the exclusive overseas market earlier than anyone, and wish to develop overseas business as a pioneer!

★ In addition to the current business, those who are considering introducing highly profitable business in the world!

★ Those who owns large-scale transaction projects regardless of your country or other countries!

★ Currently those who want to simultaneously satisfy the interests of the company to which you belong and your own interests!

★ Those who have strong connections with overseas governments and overseas companies!  The foreigners who want to be the bridges with your home countries!

★ There are strong personal network connection routes, but those who do not know how to connect to work from there!

★ Those who are thinking about side jobs in a big framework while continuing your current jobs!​

★ ​Those who want to step up your life by fully utilizing the knowledge, experience, possession qualifications and skills they have cultivated!


  • We have been looking for clients who have difficult business demands & business partners of each specialized industry.
  • Both domestic and overseas are OK.
  • We will support your company or your acquaintances to build a business model (scheme) that can develop monopolistic business.
  • On the other hand, we have many projects that we can not deal with now, and we would be pleased if we could request a business for each specialized industry.
  • We have been seeking the following partners as examples. If you have strong routes, we are happy if we can work with you, including intermediaries.

▼Private Enterprises:

・Technology research institute : IT, biotechnology, agriculture, medical, civil engineering, chemistry etc.

・Energy corporation : oil, electricity, water supplies, gas, solar power, wind power, biomass, geothermal power, pressure generation etc.

・Manufacturer : machinery, large production equipment such as plant, automobile, terminal equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, electronic parts, semiconductor, robot, computer, aerospace industry such as artificial satellite and rocket etc.

・Content corporation : animation, games etc.

・Medical : science & medical universities, university Hospital, medical corporation, pharmaceutical company, supplement corporation etc.

・Real estate : real estate company, hotel group, theme park company etc.

・Transportation : train company, shipbuilding company such as tanker, airline etc.

・Facility : expressway facilities, port facilities, Airport facilities, resource mine, large shopping mall etc.

・Finance : bank, securities company, leasing company, credit card company, credit sales company, life insurance company, property insurance company etc.

・Art : art gallery, museums, jewelry company etc.

・Mass media : TV stations, newspaper company, advertising agencies, publishing, video, internet coverage etc.

・Other : travel agency/food company/construction company/steel company/trading company/environmental corporation etc.


▼Governments and Municipal Agencies:

・Overseas government agencies

・Central government agencies : economic etc.

・Local governments

・Organization group that conducts business together with the public and private sectors 




・Investor, foreign investment bank, investment fund, foundation, VC

・Accounting office, audit corporation

・Property owner seeking tax evasion, wealthy group of membership system

・Entrepreneurs who are planning to start new business by utilizing surplus funds

・Those who can do M & A or IPO (listing) in Japan




※ This page is the promotion page of the business outline.

For details of our group corporation, please contact us.