We offer splendid Japanese crafts

A majestic fierce tiger who stepped on the earth gracefully from the bamboo bushes.It has long been said to protect against all kinds of calamity with its strong life force and binoculars of Hakkaida. Its sharp eye glowing and tender appearance is precisely a godly full of gods that avoids troubles and makes you feel lucky.
Go FoR gold crafts?
If you look for a traditional Japanese gold craft, this it it!
Take a look at the above hawk.
How real he is!
The traditional Japanese technique to handle gold and gold thread produce such beautiful masterpieces.
Go for silverware?
Not only gold crafts, we have wide range of silver and platinum crafts, which you can order your own designs.
Go for Asian beauty?
Our products are created by one of the Japanese best craftsmen.
Very few craftsman can produce hawks and dragons with gold thread as you can see above,



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