GOLDFIE offers a learning system to obtain financial freedom in addition to personal growth and development.

Mission Statement

To connect our members through a virtual platform to a global community with access to various educational programs for personal development and financial intelligence, thus contributing to a better lifestyle. In near future, GOLDFIE is planning to develop and sell online courses in the areas for personal growth and development, financial intelligence, leadership, languages, investment, Gold as a commodity, micro and macro economy, and many others. Also, periodically the company will hold conferences and workshops online. All these products are sold through a purchase-sale electronics system via internet (e-commerce).


GOLDFIE Moving image

Asset building

Merchandise education program. Also prepared the original training program to advance the GOLDFIE business in the education program. Other, financial knowledge education, health, create language, culture, the new work places the resources of human resources, make use of social infrastructure. Merchandise is going to spread to infinity.

Benefits of e-books

・Not take place
・Easy to carry
・There is no physical disappearance
・It can be purchased on the net

The way people relate to GOLDFIE

・Purchase of e-books
 Learning → participation in the education program

・Participate in the bonus program (optional)
 By introducing the participants in the education program
 Possible bonus of acquisition
GOLDFIE inquiries about participation from here