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EDENA PIP CAPSULE OIL is All-in-one moisturizing oil.Would you be Distributor in your county?

Have you ever hear that “ALL in One oil” that could be using every parts of your body!

This perfect oil is made by an entrepreneur who is transgender. 

Miss, Maika Harumoto

An entrepreneur, The owner of beauty salon “A la veil”.

She is frequency future by media, like TV and Magazine.

She is the one whom pursue of beauty. 

Oils made with 100% natural plants suffer from troubles depending on the skin quality.

EDENA PIP CAPSULE OIL is not only natural ingredients to dare, It combines various plant-derived ingredients with its Compounding.

Based on naturally derived ingredients safe beauty ingredients equivalent to food,
It is blended in luxury.

EDENA PIP CAPSULE OIL consists of highly safe placenta roses.
The placenta of damascu rose from Bulgaria has anti-aging effect.prevented "oxidation" by sealing the oil in botanical capsules without preservatives, alcohol.You can use it anytime and anywhere in a fresh from the capsule

 Moisturizing plant-derived ingredients

hyaluronic acid
・It creates a good cycle to soften the horny mass while replenishing the moisture of the skin and to   prevent the accumulation of old keratin.

Royal Jelly Extract
・Expect aging prevention and nourishing tonic effect.

Roses rose Placenta extract
・By removing active oxygen and increasing antioxidant power, it leads to anti-aging.
Activate Corneocytes to promote metabolism, leading to regeneration to youthful skin with luster and texture.

Coenzyme Q 10
・Prevent skin aging such as spots and wrinkles in advance.

Vitamin C derivative
・Promote whitening and collagen synthesis.

Rose hip oil
・Healing action, anti-inflammatory effect.
 It is effective for improving acne and wounded skin.

Jojoba oil
・Even in medical institutions treatment of burns and it is used for moisturizing atopic dermatitis.

Coconut oil
・It is excellent in moisturizing power, penetrating power, and keeps the skin healthy.

How to use

Because capsules are easy to dissolve in water, please do not use with wet hands.
Since the needle-shaped protrusion charged in the cork cap is made of starch, please do not act wet with water.

Gently pierce the protrusion on the bottom of the cork cap.
At this time, if too much force is applied, the protrusion may break Oil may flow out, so please be careful.

Please apply oil gently to the necessary part with a hole on one side of the capsule.
The capsule may break if pressed strongly.

EDENA PIP CAPSULE OIL can be used throughout the body from head to toe,intimate area.

Example of use

Last finishing

After using cosmetics etc, please let the oil get familiarized to the whole.

Together with bathing

One in the bathtub.
Botanical capsules will melt in hot water, please spend your bath time slowly.
After bathing, please wipe off the water lightly and let it familiarize to your skin.

Special time before going to bed

Please massage particularly tired parts etc on the bed.
Improve blood circulation, beauty ingredients will penetrate.

There are sample.
It is 2765 yen with 2 pieces


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