Global MOM to MOM

 Guide for non-Japanese moms

Welcome to Global MOM to MOM!

What is Global MOM to MOM?

About us

It is a community for Japanese families and non-Japanese families living in Japan. This is for parents who want to raise kids multilingually and globally.

You don't need to go abroad in search of the international environment. You can just connect with people from different countries who live in Japan.

This project started in October, 2019. Now there are about 120 Japanese families and 70 international families (from 24 nationalities) are in this project. (over 600 people including kids and husband) It started in Kansai, but it expanded all over Japan.

Nice to meet you!

Hi,  I'm YOKO who stared Global MOM to MOM!

Here is why I started...

Japanese mothers put a lot of effort into trying to make their kids bilingual, but often they don’t try to speak English or even learn it themselves. I think this is a big problem.

I want to tell them that mothers should show how fun it is to communicate with non-Japanese in English, then kids will follow that example.

English is not something just to be studied. It’s a communication tool. I really hope more and more Japanese kids speak English and go out into the international scene.

Through this project, I want to be a bridge of Japanese families and non-Japanese families. It's great if you meet Japanese mothers outside of the lessons or gathering events as a private friends.

Not "Teacher" and "Student" relationship. Just like regular friends.
This is the whole concept of this project.

Most language schools and preschool prohibit for teachers and students to meet privately, but I encourage everybody to do that in this group. 

But when you meet them privately, please meet them just like regular MAMA friends. Please don't charge them any fee as a lesson or please don't recruit to your service such as English school or private English lessons etc...

If you agree with this concept, please join!

Online Activities & Picnics

Each month, we have about 55 online activities and about 30 offline activities such as picnics.

You can host events and you get paid by hosting.

Picnic Meet-ups

● You can plan and host "meet-ups" for gathering in your area. It's for family outdoor events such as picnic, going to ZOO, aquarium etc... together.

● We have over 30 picnics meet-up every month all over Japan. 

● Host will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

● Our picnic Photos from the past.

World Travel

Since we can't go traveling overseas like before due to COVID-19. We introduce 1 county in a month. (twice a month. 30min each.)
Let's explore the country with a host from the country!

●2 hosts every month. Host will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

●Sample video1video2

Weekend Gathering

●We have 2 online gatherings twice in a month. (60min each.)

●First 30min: Activity by non-Japanese host. Theme is different by a host. suck as cooking, exercise, ecology workshop, yoga etc... (Sample video1, video2, video3)

●Host will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

●Last 30min: Mother's free chat time in small groups.

Online Drinking Night

●Twice a month (One is hosted by Japanese mother, the other one is hosted by English speaking mother).

●Friday night at 10pm~midnight. 

●Host will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

Kid's Circle Time
Mama's English Lesson

[Kid's Circle Time]

●We have 24 circle times in a month. (Every week on the same day, at the same time)

●3 classes (0~2yr, 3~5yr, 6yr~) 20min each lesson.

●Sample videos. 0~2yr class, 3~5yr class6yr~class

●You will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

[Mama's English Lessons]

●We have 4 lessons in a month. (Every Wednesday 22:00~23:00)

●Sample video1, video2.

●You will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

Private & Group Lessons

About online private lessons:

● There are private & group lessons using ZOOM for mothers and kids.

● 1 Lesson is for 30min.

● There are materials for students can use. Please take a look at Materials on Google Drive.

●You will get paid. (Payment is made via banktransfer or paypal next month.)

If you are interested in GMTM, please contact me!

We have ZOOM MTG for those who are interested in participating!