I'm Tatsuko Nakao from Adventure World, Japan!

Tatsuko Nakao
  • Adventure World Vice-director
  • Deputy director (in charge of SDGs)
  • Veterinarian, Curator

~What I (we)should do~

"Wild animals are ambassadors from nature"

There is the duty that we keep and breed wild animals. So, we must have a role to tell the message of animals to society and its citizen. I think that the facilities where a citizen utilizes the five senses and learns, are zoos and aquariums.

I work on social problem solutions by making use of my and my company’s strengths. I think about the effective usage of the leftover bamboo feed and the feces of the giant panda.

My career

Born in Tottori-pref. located in the west of Japan.

My hometown is surrounded by nature.
There is a wintering place of the Tundra swan and the Mandarin duck near my hometown.

I was brought up in an environment of rich nature that animals inhabited.
I wanted to work with animals in the future and aimed at becoming a veterinarian.
Entered the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture of Tottori University.
Began work at Adventure World (Zoo) and engaged in animal husbandry management.
Began work at Adventure World (Zoo) and engaged in animal husbandry management.

Penguin Project

From 1990 to 1993, I participated in the Penguin Project. 
We established the captive penguin population in Adventure World. Our facility has the largest breeding population in Japan.

Giant Panda Project

From 1994, our facility started a long-term international scientific research cooperation on the Giant Panda. I participated in this Giant Panda Project and was involved with 16 cubs from 11 deliveries.
I could experience new challenges through these two projects. In addition, I could deepen the interchange with overseas researchers.

I felt the importance of the instructional education in the zoo and acquired a curatorI wrestle positively with the learning program for schools and the lectures given outside of our zoo.