2016.7.7 Thu

Looking for a new experience? Join us and be a part of the bridge that connects the world and Japan!
A new cafe/bar that introduces all cool things about Japan is coming to Ogibashi, Tokyo.

Imagine yourself walking into a place full of travel books - each has a great story about Japan and the world. The place serves traditional Japanese food, green tea and sake. Inevitably, locals and travelers are having a conversation about the books or the sake, and the next second you are invited for a round.

Welcome to &Lounge!


▶︎ Introducing Japan by Providing New Experiences

Japanese tea salon + sake bar + library + gallery + event space = &Lounge

The space is quite small and there aren't many seats. But our hope is big and our ideas are limitless!

We have a guest house, FromScratch Tokyo upstairs. We believe that life is a journey. And traveling is all about discovering new things and meeting people. Naturally, we'd like to provide a cool environment where locals and travelers can meet and interact.

We hope that you will find new interests, inspirations and even next travel destinations through your new friends. 

If you are visiting Japan, we don't want you to be just a tourist. We'd like to provide you a "local experience" and let you feel what it's like to be a Tokyoite. We'd be very happy if you could bring a great story back home from here.

|Tea House by Day

▶︎ Try and Love the Japanese Tea

We'd like to provide you a new way of experiencing Japanese tea. We are developing our ideas and are hoping to open the cafe next year. 

Stay tuned for impromptu events such as green tea classes and tastings! 

|Sake Bar by Night

▶︎ Specially Chosen Sake and Japanese Tapas

Everyone knows sake these days but how well do you know it? Our sake sommelier handpicked excellent yet reasonable sake from all over Japan. We hope that you can enjoy "learning" about sake, that you will find a perfect sake you love. 

Our tapas are also carefully selected. Enjoy our homemade dishes specially prepared for accompanying sake!

Just in case you are not a big fun (or already a huge fun) of sake, we will also serve Japanese craft beer and whiskey. 

Thursday & Friday 7pm - midnight (subject to change)


▶︎ Various Events

We want to be known as a place to discover "real Japan." We are planning on having many events such as music performances, art exhibitions, cooking classes, kimono classes, sake tastings and so on. And of course, foreign guests from our guest house upstairs and the locals can participate together. We think that people become more aware of their own culture when they face another culture. We can't wait to see a foreign guest commenting on something to a Japanese local, and hear their realization sound "ahhhhh." :)

|About Us


▶︎ Who is FromScratch?

We are a group of Japanese natives who love arts, cultures and an international environment.

We've been managing a house where Japanese people live and study English together over the past years. Our mission was solely to introduce the world to them by providing such an environment. But now we'd like to introduce Japan to the rest of the world. 

We opened a guest house upstairs of &Lounge in September 2015. We want to provide a reasonable accommodation, and a space for the guests and the locals to communicate and learn from each other.

Together with the guest house, we hope that &Lounge is going to function as a bridge between the neighborhood and the world. We are happy if you join our community! 



 2-4-4 Ogibashi 1F
   Koto-Ku, Tokyo 

 7 min walk from Sumiyoshi Station on the Hanzomon and the Shinjuku lines.
 2 min walk from Ogibashi 2 Chome on the City Bus on the Higashi 22.


We are currently looking for people to work with!


Cleaning Staff

2-3 days a week (including Sat & Sun) for a couple of hours between 11:30 and 15:30.



If you have any question, please feel free to drop us a line on facebook.