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The influencer marketing makes for expanding your business. For example increase sales. These influencers give brands more reach, a more authentic voice, and a real-world presence they could never achieve or deliver.

Expand the reach

Amplify the reach of your content as influencers share to their to a collective of audience of millions.

Grow Your Customers

Our service allows brands to target your key audience through our influence network to engage with your your product or service.。


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Here's an unfortunate fact

Consumers trust Congress more than brand advertising.

Consumers know that marketers monitor their online behavior, dropping tracking cookies left and right in their quest  for a pot of golden data that’s intended to deliver exactly the right message to exactly the right person at exactly the right time.


75 percent of consumers rely on social media to inform purchasing decisions


90 percent trust peer recommendations


84 percent will take action based on the opinion of others

We can below


Can efficiently find relevant influencers who represent their target audience, marketers need.


Can find relevant influencers based on intended audience, desired performance and cost parameters.


Can communicate directly with influencers at any stage of a campaign.


Can analyze engagement and Total Media Value.

Optimized Distribution

Can Improve the quality of influencer traffic that significantly lifts influencer ROI.

Who needs our service

Product makers, brand strategists, marketing executives and many others use our service to market their brands and extend their reach.

What our blands are saying


FISM has made a really intensive job with us. Everyday's a new tip and the result is just amazing.


We've got an incredible result with the great FISM support! More than 50k followers in the first campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


The value of a brand is really important for us and our clients. This is why we love to work with FISM.

COO/Marketing Manager


We know how hard it is for a brand or product to grow their audience and get their message heard and discovered. Our service provides a simple solution to get your brand out there to an already existing audience that engages regularly with social media.

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"Why Influencers are Key to Your Content Marketing Strategy"

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You can discover how you can use influencers to produce trusted content on your behalf-and swing more purchase decisions your brand's way.


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ADDRESS 1-10-4 Minamiaoyama NK BLD 8F , Minamiaoyama,
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