Most Convinient  Currency Exchange Service in Osaka

We are located right in middle of Nihonbashi, where you find the elsarem of Japanese "Otaku" culture.
It has the great access to Namba area as well.

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Since Japan is a cash bassed society, you might find it difiicult to make mayment bycredit card in some locations.
Whille local banks and post offices offer a currency excange serivices, rate are often not so great.

Also, you will be having a lot of issues communicating with those who work in local banks and post offices.

We here have a fluent English speaker with very gentle rate for excahging curency.

Not only we handle money exchange, we will give you informations about the city if you need an assistance.


1USD →106.68JPY
1RMB →15.34JPY
1NTD 3.353JPY
1HKD →12.75JPY
1KRW →0.09030JPY
1THB →3.015JPY
1SGD →75.61JPY
1AUD →80.41JPY
1PHP →1.973JPY
1IDR →0.00761JPY
1MYR →23.92JPY
last updated 2017/09/13 11:30