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Architectural Structure Engineering For All buildings

Why don’t you use our structured data in order to make you design more freely?

Our company has been specializing in the building structure design. Since its establishment, more than 20 years have passed. We have carried out the structure design of all sorts of buildings together with the Japanese major house-makers or independent designers so far.
From now on, we are intending to make every kind of building in the world be a defendable one towards disasters
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We can offer 3 ways to make you design much more freely.

①: A tool makes you concentrate on designing.

We have more than 1000 completed structure designs available in our data. We are sure that among them there are basic plans which will fit perfectly to your desirable space. If you start designing, being based on those, you won’t be led a dance by the structural issues and can concentrate on your designing.

Besides, we have the basic plan which is usually considered to be an impossible  configuration. However, ours will surely exceed the limit of your inspiration and expectation.

②: An earthquake-resistant performance with Japanese high quality

All our basic plans have an earthquake-resistant performance permitted by the Japanese Construction Standards Act. By using these basic plans, all the buildings you design will have the quake-proof with the highest quality.


For example, when you hear “wooden building”, it may sound to be unreliable, but almost all Japanese houses are made from wood. It relies upon the Japanese technological capability which can carry out the quake-proof and durability even on low-priced wooden houses.

③: The detailed method of construction

When you design a building to be a high quality one with considerable effort, there is no point if your plan doesn’t convey the method of construction to a constructor who actually builds it. Our basic plans have been drawn minutely and carefully to be understood by everyone in how to build a building.

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