Hello!   I applied Estonia E-Residency


People who applied for E-Residency, in the euro area including Estonia. Are you thinking about business, do you want to do business together in there?

Please contact only those who do business.I do not want a very difficult job.



Startup Entrepreneur

The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency—a transnational digital identity available toanyone in the world interested in administering a location-independent business online.Establish an Estonian company online within a dayAdminister the company from anywhere in the worldConduct e-banking and remote money transfersHave access to international payment service providersDigitally sign and transmit documents and contractsManage accounting records and declare Estonian taxes online


What happens if I receive
a digital ID card?

You can check your identity digitally. In other words, you can digitally sign, certify documents, and encrypt documents for 3 years. You can enjoy all the convenience and ease that Estonian residents have used for 10 years!

e-Residence ID card
Estonia's e-Residency card is not an identity card and can not be used as a travel document. Also, your e-Residence will not allow citizenship, tax residence rights, resident permission of rights, or entry into Estonia or other European Union.



Entrepreneur wishingto
access the EU

The biggest growth of e-Residency now is that Entrepreneurs have access to the EU market, access to the legal framework, access to financial services, to benefit from greater trust in doing global businesses, outside the EU I am from. Arzu was the Istanbul Pro Tour Guide, Istanbul Walks for the first time established the company. By 2015, she sold more than 600 walking tours, provided the work of 12 local tour guides, succeeded by winning a huge number of positive reviews online.



I am considering business in the euro area. I hope to cooperate and manage something business. My life has a strong business connection in Hong Kong, India Thailand Japan. I have investment experience, I can speak English and Spanish Japanese.Currently I work with various people in Southeast Asia regardless of nationality every day.

Favorite thing: to relax. Going to the beach. To know the world.

ユーロ圏にてビジネスを考えています。何か協力して運営できればと思います。私は香港 インド タイ 日本に強いビジネスの人脈があります。他、投資経験有り、英語、スペイン語 日本語が流暢に話せます。現在、東南アジアにて毎日国籍問わずいろいろな人と一緒に仕事して20年以上になります。


Who are thinking about work in Estonia, would you like to work out with ideas and cooperate? Capital is required to some extent.I would like to ask you again, please refrain from those who are interested in us.


Mail; jewelrygem66@gmail.com

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