English Summer Camp in Nasu

We are seeking energetic and enthusiastic university students from many countries around the world who can share their culture and enjoy outdoor activities with a group of Japanese junior high school students for three days in the beautiful natural surroundings of Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture.



Kita Ward Board of Education organizes a summer camp for junior high school students (8th graders, ages 13-14 years old) who live in the Kita Ward area in order to help them gain some experience to use English in a real setting and improve their listening and language-speaking abilities through interaction with foreign university students in the cultural and outdoor activities.


Various dates available ("Rounds") from late July to early August as follows:


Round 1: Jul. 21 - 23 (Pre-meeting: Jul. 20)

Round 2: Jul. 23 - 25 (Pre-meeting: Jul. 22)

Round 3: Jul. 25 - 27 (Pre-meeting: Jul. 24)

Round 4: Jul. 27 - 29 (Pre-meeting: Jul. 26)

Round 5: Jul. 29 - 31 (Pre-meeting: Jul. 28)

Round 6: Jul. 31 - Aug. 2 (Pre-meeting: Jul. 30)

Round 7: Aug. 2 - 4 (Pre-meeting: Aug. 1)

Round 8: Aug. 4 - 6 (Pre-meeting: Aug. 3)

Round 9: Aug. 6 - 8 (Pre-meeting: Aug. 5)

Round 10: Aug. 8 - 10 (Pre-meeting: Aug. 7)

Round 11: Aug. 10 - 12 (Pre-meeting: Aug. 9)

Round 12: Aug. 12 - 14 (Pre-meeting: Aug. 11)

*Participants can choose one or multiple rounds to participate in, depending on their availability.

*Each round includes a mandatory pre-meeting (starting at 6:00pm).

Guidelines for Applicants

International Students Main Role

① Give Japanese students opportunities to interact with you and other people from different cultures and show how important English is used to communicate with foreigners by only speaking English during the entire camp round.

② You must participate in all activities at the camp. (Hiking, International Culture Performance, Camp Fire, etc.)

Important Note: We have experienced camp instructors to lead in most activities.

Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture

The organizer, Kita Ward Board of Education, will pay all expenses for accommodation, food, insurance and round-trip transportation from pre-meeting location to Nasu. 

21,000 yen per round participated in (before tax).

*Please note that each round participated in requires the student participant to attend a mandatory meeting the night before the camp begins, and all summer camp duties must be performed.


① People who have the energy and enjoy being with young teenagers at the junior high school level.

② Must be proficient in English (regardless of nationality).

③ Should be enrolled in a university in Japan by the time you apply for the program.(Exchange students and those who have done ESC before are accepted.)

④ Must pass an interview from ESC staff in June.

Application Period

2018 May 14th (Mon) ~ 2018 June 3rd (Sun) 23:59

Applicants will be contacted by the ESC International Student Office with details regarding the date, time and place of the interview to decide successful participants (attendance compulsory).

ESC Testimonials

Val from Russia
ESC is an amazing program that brings the whole world together - super active Japanese kids, beautiful captains from different countries and a super energetic team of green and yellow t-shirts to support the camp. Become a part of ESC and you will have lots of fun, make new awesome friends and get energized for the whole year (until the next ESC!)

Akhsin from Indonesia
How you can find a good leaders around the world, a good friends, and amazing athmosphere?
The best way is ESC.
Don't forget to join.

Amr from Egypt
One of the most special and unique kind of activities that I joined while being in Tokyo, guiding and having fun with the school students, participating with them in various competitions, enjoying nature, outdoors exercises and indoors fun.
I will definitely join again!

Trang from Vietnam
ESC has opened up my world in a colourful and meaningful way through teaching and interacting with Japanese kids.
It’s also a wonderful place to experience Japanese culture and exploring yourself with friends!

Anastasia from Germany
ESC is a great opportunity to take part in fun activities with Japanese middle school children and to make new friends from all over the world!
I would definitely recommend ESC to anyone studying abroad in Japan!

Prince from Nigeria
ESC has lots of Fun!
Don't Be Shy..
Let's speak English!

Mohsan from Pakistan
A wonderful experience!
A platform to make friends around the whole globe.Learn the cultural diversity as well.
Looking forward again.

Diliara from Russia
An unforgettable adventure, many new friends from around the world, lots of fun, warm environment and a great experience - all these you can find in the English Summer Camp!
The ESC inspires and teaches not only students, but also adults!
I personally would very much like to participate again!

Fernanda from Brazil
I learned so much during ESC! Lots of fun, understanding and new experiences made me forget about the tiredness. Those were very dense days and my eyes were full of tears at last moment, I’ll never forget! Looking forward for this year’s ESC. 

Jeremiah from India
ESC is fun.
Friendly foreigners meet bubbly kids.
Lots to learn, experience and cherish.
Highly recommended!

Masih from Afganistan
This program is one of the best programs I have ever attended before from culture exchange to being introduced with new friends and last but not least, having tons of fun!

Zohre from Iran
It was so much more fun than what I had expected!
It was one of the best experiences in Japan! Try it! :)

Elena from Greece
ESC was an amazing opportunity to meet Japanese children, understand their daily lives and mindset.
In the meantime, I enjoyed nature and connected with many international students, as well as Japanese staff!

Nirajan from Nepal
ESC is a colorful learning event (FAIR).

Preeta from India
I really enjoyed at ESC.
And I think it’s a good initiative for English learning.

Pei-Hsuan from Taiwan
Super lucky to get to meet and work with so many amazing people!
ESC is definitely a life-long memory that I will not forget about!


ESC International Students Office

Reception Hours: 10:00am - 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)