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Our business “EIGHT EXCHANGE” is a place to come and exchange various currencies to and from Japanese yen.

The cost of exchanging foreign currency from the numerous countries you've visited is something that can't be ignored. However, every airport and bank from every country around the world has a pricey commission fee that comes with a transaction; this is just a reality of currency exchanges, a reality where it wouldn't be strange to say that it's impossible to reduce the amount required to exchange.

That's where EIGHT EXCHANGE comes in. Using our own original innovations, we've developed a method for getting you the most reasonably priced exchange service around.

Wholesale trade customers/inbound businesses

Services geared toward foreign currency wholesale trade/inbound businesses
Our company services many companies that do dealings with foreign currencies and tourists, as well as supporting wholesale trade needs and inbound tourists. From hotels to Japanese-style inns, motels and other accommodation-type businesses, to duty-free shops, souvenir stores and other small gift shops, we offer support for a variety of inbound tourists and businesses that require foreign currency to run their businesses.

To wholesale trade companies looking to service foreign travelers

As an enterprise specializing in foreign currency exchange, we offer various services to corporations that handle overseas trips, study-abroad programs, overseas work trips and other outbound related services that require a constant flow of foreign currency. For companies that exchange currency for large groups of overseas travelers, allow us handle the conversion process for you after you've collected all of the original funds.

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