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We want everyone to have amazing memories of our school!

About Candle Work PEACE

We believe candles bring calm and happiness. So we decided to open our business and share this peace with the world. A portion of our sales goes to charity.

In just 1 hour you can make a cute candle and aroma bar!
Your candle will be unique.

◇My tour is in the afternoon.  What should i do during the morning?
 ◇ Today is rainy. But I don’t wanna stay in the hotel... Where should I go?
 ◇My child is bored with shopping. Is there something fun we can do together? 
* The answer to all these questions is Candle Work PEACE!!


◇Cube Candle $27

 Made with your choice of colorful cubes decorated with starfish and shells!

Takes about 90min to make.

◇ Aroma Bar $32

The most popular! Enjoy the scent of this sachet candle.You can choose a flavor like Plumeria, Coconut, Lavender and more!

Takes about 40min to make.

◇ Ice Whip Candle $30 small / $35 big Whip the wax and serve in a cup. Garnish with candle sweets!

The time it takes 40min


Cube Candle

$ 27

Working Hours 20min
Harden 30min
The time it takes 約60min

Aroma Bar

$ 32

作業時間 20min
固まるまで 20min
The time it takes 40min

Ice Whip Candle


作業時間 30min
固まるまで 20min
合計所要時間 50min

Chocolates and fruitslook genuine!

Build your candle atyour own pace ♪

Charity candle

carve candle with Overlapping colors. $18.

$1 will be donated to  English language schools

Share all happiness

We donate some of the sales of Carving candles to Indonesian language schools.


We hope to share the happiness time of Hawaii with the children behind the earth.

"Although I don't have a money, I want to play on a global stage." We offered school buildings where they can learn English.They got a new textbook and they smiled!


Candle PEACE

2155 Kalakaua Ave #401
Bank of Hawaii Waikiki Center
K&K co.,ltd
Access Waikiki, Kalakaua Ave. 1st floor is Longs Drugs.
LINE ID  candle.peace

Irregular days off.