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About Spirit of Sailors
"Tall Ship sailors with the Best exciting sails in Japan"

Spirit of Sailors is Japanese Tall Ship company which encourages groups and individuals to get out on the ocean, join in with activities, work together as a team and feel the adventure. Learn to read the charts and work the ropes through experienced instructors and workshops.

The journey with Spirit of Sailors is great for team building and individual confidence. Being part of a tall ship crew it is vital to work together with your mates, setting the sails, working the ropes and navigating. As a result, you will discover the fascinating world of real ocean sailing whilst enjoying the breath-taking scenery.

So, come aboard, get involved and we will show you the adventure of your lifetime.

Started October 2015

Discover your adventure
Rope work for disaster
· How to carry people with rope.
· Rescue rope work to help person in the sea and river
This lecture will help in a disaster at the waterside.
Present 10 meters rope with textbooks
【time】 2 hours 30 minutes ~ 3 hours 
Depart from Numazu Port, famous for its fish market! We will sail with the sailing ship Ami with our own power and aim at the peninsula famous for its high transparency of the sea that is hard to reach from the land. Spread the sail in the scenery of Suruga Bay overlooking Mt.Fuji, take a rudder, bathing and fishing on the peninsula, walking around the shrine where the guardian deity of the sea that is only on this peninsula in Japan, the age designated as a natural monument.  For dinner, enclose the BBQ, get in a hot spring and stay in a tent. Why don't you spend time diving into nature!
Get sailing and boating skills that are world-class and go on sailing boats abroad! A course aimed at studying overseas sailboats by learning the techniques of sailing on traditional sailboats. Staff with extensive sailing experience abroad will help you open the door to the world's oceans. Limited to 4 people per course, 6 days spent living while sailing to various ports in Suruga Bay.
Photos and details of all other voyages and events are on the blog.
Photos and details of all other voyages and events are on the blog.
If you would like more information or to book one of our voyages, please contact us. 
What we do
We use tall ships and motor boats to host themed adventure voyages. We can also organize charter and customized projects at your request. 

Current Themed Voyages: 
■ Voyage with the theme of the Great Voyages and Sherry. Collaborated with Sherry Museum  
■ Numazu charter cruising: Oceanic picnic.
Create marine activities
We create ship and ocean activities, events, do consulting and maintenance.

Joyport Minami Awaji Corporation: Advisory / Create bownet activity / Safety guidance
■Create chart activity / Chart event

Sail Training / Training
We carry out team building and training through ocean experience, safety training in the sea, etc.

■ Oshima Ocean International High School Sailing Division: Team Building / Instructing in Summer Camp
Tall ship Ami: Providing programs to voyages of private high schools / Participating as instructors, Training voyages
Tall ship Miraie: Participate as instructors for new recruitment training
We hold workshops using charts and rope work.

■ Kobe Port Opening 150th Anniversary Project: Chart / Rope Work Event  
■ Shigoto Bar at Little Tokyo: A chart workshop

 and others more 

We hold workshops using charts and rope work.

■ Kobe Port Opening 150th Anniversary Project: Chart / Rope Work Event  
■ Shigoto Bar at Little Tokyo: A chart workshop

 and others more 


Managing Director  
Kai Yamamoto

Kai first learnt to sail during his high school years. 
He worked as a deckhand for Sail Training Association of Japan (STAJ) in 2002-2003 part of STS Kaisei, a steel-hulled brigantine built in Poland in 1987.
After STAJ, Kai worked on five Tallships in Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania as a paid member and volunteer member of crew during 2006-2009.
After his travels he returned to Japan and worked as a navigator on a Japanese tanker. In 2013 he became a navigator for the sail training sailing ship "Miraie" as a part of  Global Human Resources Development Organization. 
In 2015 Kai and his partner, launched Spirit of Sailors. Today Spirit of Sailors educates its wide range of customers with sailing and marine experiences, adventures and various voyage packages to enjoy.

Eri Tabata

Eri belonged to a yacht club when she was a collage student.
She participated in the SUP(stnad up paddle boarding) All-Japan Competition.
In 2013, she worked full-time as an instructor for the sail training ship "Miraie" as a part of Global Human Resources Development Organization.
In 2015 along with Kai, she contributed in launching Spirit of Sailors.
In 2016, she took some time off and joined
The Southern Swan a magnificent three-masted barquentine built in 1922 and Soren Larsen a brigantine built in 1949, both tradition wooden hull vessels from Denmark. She spent 10 months working as a Bosun for Sydney Harbor TallShips and gained valuable skills in the maintenance, operation and sailing techniques of these beautiful traditional wooden ships.

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Safety management of Spirit of Sailors

Spirit of Sailors receives guidance from the Safety Management Manual provided by the Activity Leaders Academy. Members receive safe training in all activities by acquiring qualifications as Activity Safety Manager (ASM) and Activity Safety Leader (ASL).