Canned Mackerel & Shiitake Mushrooms

develped by Miyako Fisheries High School students
Strange Combination?

Yes, we know… But! when you have a bite, you can tell why it is being well received here.
There's a nice story behind this product. This product was developed by the students from
MIYAKO Fisheries High School.
One day, Ms. Nonaka at the Miyako Agriculture and Forestry Development Center sat on achair in her office and was thinking about developing some new products with specialtyproducts from her town. An idea suddenly struck her that it would be great if she could dosomething by combining specialties from the sea and forest. That was the beginning of thestory.

Crazy or Brilliant?

Ms. Nonaka stepped out of her office and went to MIYAKO Fisheries High School to pay avisit to a teacher at the school, Mr. Yoshida. Ms. Nonaka told him how much she had beenserious about the idea and asked (or pushed) him to join her to develop something withspecialties from the sea and forest. The hot-blooded and smart teacher Mr. Yoshida made apromise that he would take on the challenge. He then spoke with his students andbrainstormed the idea over and over again. Finally, they came up with a plan of producingcanned shiitake mushrooms and mackerels. Was it a crazy idea or a brilliant one? No onehad the answer to the question at this stage.

Oh, Lord. They made it!

Mr.Yoshida never tried to speak with food consultants or any professionals to develop theproduct but instead encouraged his student to keep on trying. He said, "I didn't want to ruinthe trust I had with my students. And they did a great job." Yes, they made it on their ownand gave everybody around them a pleasant surprise. Ms. Nonaka was one of them feelingsurprised and deeply impressed. "We never come up with such a unique idea ourselves.That was simply amazing," she recalled.
The students proudly served the product at their school festival and received very positivefeedback from all of their guests. Ms. Nonaka instantly got convinced that it would be wellreceived in the market and should go to the public. She then visited one of the local canningfactories to see if they would be interested in helping the products go public. The factorywas willing to help only on the condition that someone else sells the products to the public.Ms. Nonaka then went to see a gentleman who she believed would never say No. She knewshe could convince (or push) him to sell the canned products to all over Japan. The guy wasMr. Tomokatsu Shimaka, executive managing director of the Marutomo Shimaka, Inc. He isnow very proud to be a part of the initiative and able to sell the product, Canned Mackerels& Shiitake Mushrooms, and now trying very hard to send them over to consumers' tablesboth in Japan and overseas. The students who committed themselves to the developmentof the product said, "That is our blood and soul! Please try some. We bet you'll love it!"

We are now looking for companies that wish to join the students to promote the productoverseas. You can be the one who would be able to make their dreams come true. Pleasecontact us today!

Product Information

Name of Product Canned Mackerel & ShiitakeMushrooms
Description ofProduct(storagetemperature, Expirationdate, etc.)
  • normal temperature
  • 3 years
  • 180g/package
Carton Box SizeW×D×H 260×354×380mm
No. ofcans(perctn) 96
Grossweight(perctn) 22㎏
RetailPricein Japan J.Yen 400
No. ofcans(perctn) 96
Mackerels harvested in SANRIKU shore got cooked with premium log-grown shiitakemushrooms in MIYAKO and with soy sauce. We use large and fat mackerels caught inSANRIKU shore and flesh shiitake mushrooms grown in MIYAKO as ingredients but neveruse any food additives. Please enjoy the supreme mackerels perfectly harmonized with thepremium taste of shiitake mushrooms.